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Goodbye Anegada

Virgin Gorda and The Dogs

GPS tracking from Anegada to Marina Cay

Marina Cay sunset

Saturday, Jan 19 --

There were no rain showers to interrupt our sleep for a second night. After a leisurely oatmeal breakfast we paid $3.00 dollars to have Barry take away our bags of garbage. At 8:00 we were one of the first boats to leave Anegada, picking our way carefully through the shallow mooring field and into the channel exit marked with green (starboard) and red (port) buoys (the rule being red, right, returning from the sea). These were the same buoys we had negotiated in the opposite direction when entering the channel. The motor only ran for 30 minutes, long enough to clear the reefs and set the sails on a port tack.

With a brisk wind we only partially unfurled the jib, then settled in for the three hour crossing to The Dogs. Because of our heading we were sailing parallel to the swells, resulting in a side-to-side rolling motion that was not comfortable for some of us. We really wanted to snorkel one of the Great Dog spots but the wind and swell direction made for a worrisome mooring close to the rocks. Plan B was to moor in Marina Cay again and snorkel that reef again. After a 'chicken jibe' or two we were on course for the Marina. Hubby spotted a dolphin off our starboard stern. Some of us saw it on its second surfacing then it was gone.

We motored for about 30 minutes into Marina Cay, picked up the ball we liked best and ate a fish lunch. It was almost 14:00 by the time everyone was in the dinghy riding over to the reef. Clouds were blocking some of the sunlight but the reef still showed some colours. We saw a small group of large barracuda and a Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber. There was also a large parade of blue fish, tangs maybe. After almost an hour of snorkeling most of us were cold and ready to get back to the boat. I wished I could have explored a little more but the group wouldn't let me stay in the water by myself, so I wiggled into the dinghy.

After everyone was showered and the wet clothes were hung out Couple #2 and hubby took the dinghy to Pusser's for ice ($10.00), toilet paper and mooring fees ($30.00). Hubby also used the free Wi-Fi to check email and weather forecasts. Couple #3 and I stayed on the boat to make room for the ice and start cooking dinner. When the cloudburst hit we were hoping the dinghy people were still in the store. They were, so avoided being drenched. Upon their return we broke out a happy hour of beer and popcorn.

While hubby helped me finish dinner preparations the others researched our snorkeling agenda for tomorrow. Dinner was leftover veggies sautéed with tofu, pinto beans and red bean curry sauce all over brown rice, followed by chocolate for dessert. The rest of the evening was spent discussing world events and sharing stories of personal experiences. By 21:00 everyone except me was in bed. Now that I have had my 15 minutes alone it is time for me to get to sleep too. The rest of the boats moored here tonight seem to be partying still. They must be 'weekenders'.

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