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7/20 - Started this day heading out to Aspen CG, near the town of Heber, AZ. This was to be our R & R site, where we could just set up camp and relax, chill, veg out. We got there to find that the ground in our reserved site was full of large rocks, and it had obviously been raining. They did let us change sites, as there was nowhere at all to pitch a tent, and we had just started to set up camp when it started to rain. We sat in the car for a while and finally came to the obvious conclusion that A) setting up camp in the rain, and B) camping here for eight rainy days was NOT going to be restful nor relaxing, that we didn't want to do it, and since all the things we had set out to see had been seen, we both were ready to go home. So on we drove, until we stopped, in Springerville, AZ, almost to New Mexico. Stayed in a motel there and drove on the morning.

7/21 - We drove clear across New Mexico, the southern part, including passing through Roswell. We saw some interesting things in this deserty region, not the least of which were some very large satellite dishes, I counted 27 of them, set up in an array out in the middle of nowhere. As we approached them from the west there was no explanation of their presence there. It was a pretty weird sight! Finally, after we had driven by them, having seen them from far off and therefore having been looking at and wondering about them for quite a while, we came to the sign: National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Very Large Array, Visitor Center 4 miles. We'll have to google it to see what they're all about.

We drove on into Texas and stopped in Sweetwater, where we avoided a large motel bill by not staying at one of the chains, but rather at a locally owned motel where the room was quite adequate, sufficiently clean, and their version of free breakfast was eggs, bacon, hash browns (or grits) and toast, cooked to order!!

7/22 - this is the day we drove to Dallas and went to visit Nephew Aaron and his family. We had not met his wife Tiffany, a beautiful sweetheart, nor two of their three little boys, Teddy, age 10 (we'd last seen him at age 3), Beckett, age 7, and Matthew (Mattie), age just-turned-5. Serendipitously, our arrival coincided with the arrival of Ken's brother Tom and his wife Wendy, Grandparents to these beautiful boys, whom we also had not seen for many years. A happy accident, very happy indeed. : ) We had a scrumptious meal (Aaron is a chef) and good fellowship and got a good picture of the lot of us, which I will post here as soon as I'm able....

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