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Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Skógafoss waterfall

A Black Sand beach






Town of Vík

September 30th

This morning I checked out of my hostel and rented a car for two days. I was planning on driving North, however the woman at Pro Car recommended going South, instead. The weather up North can be very unpredictable with snow and ice, so she advised me otherwise. I drove South - the landscape was astonishing! I would turn around a mountain and see glaciers in the background, beautiful waterfalls and open pastures filled with sheep, cows and horses roaming free. There were waterfalls coming out of the middle of many stone mountains, it was so beautiful. The pictures and video that I took truly do not capture the wowing views. The time went by so quickly because I was constantly staring at something new. There weren't too many cars on the roads, so I was okay to glance around a bit ;)

I had heard of the town of Vik, the southern most point of the country, so I decided I would stay there for the night. I reached the tiny town at around 3:30pm. I stopped at a store and a nice young man gave me a hostel recommendation. I believe there is only one. I checked in and luckily got one of the last beds! It is up on a small hill overlooking Vik. The place was absolutely adorable and cozy. A woman owns it and was very professional and helpful. Everyone has to take off their shoes in the front common room so it is really clean. I settled in and then went to Brydbud for dinner, which used to be a historic store and now has a small museum, as well. A dad and his three sons sat down and ordered beers. This reminded me of my dad and brothers and how much fun they would all have here together! I had a very tasty veggie burger.

Back at the hostel I met two people from Vancouver, Canada named Michael and Shell. Michael goes by blink because his last name is Bilinsky. They were traveling the coast, as well. Blink is a sort-of ginger like me, so of course we bonded right away. Blink has tattoos everywhere and works as a piercer at a tattoo parlor. The three of us sat in the common room and chatted for a while.

I came back to my room and two other girls had arrived. They were Jill and Michelle, also from Canada. These girls and Shell and I hung out in our room and chatted for a good hour and had some much needed girl time! Jill is on a break from a work contract and is traveling for 5 months. Michelle took two months off to travel with Jill around Europe. Talking with them made me also want to visit Canada.

In the common room, Shell and I met 3 guys from California and NYC. They have been friends since they were 5 and took a vacation to Iceland. They offered me some Knob Creek that they were drinking, however I decided not to due to my alcohol consumption in Reykjavik. After laughing with them for a while I called my brother and his fiance, Courtney, and then headed to bed.

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