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The Black Sand Beach in Vík









A hot spring bath that I found

September 30th

A homemade breakfast was at 8:30am, which included amazing bread, a mini waffle and vegetables and I was SO happy to finally get some green tea! After checking out, me, Shell, Blink and the US guys all drove down to the Black Sand beach. It was rainy and windy, but still very cool. I had never seen black sand before! Then we drove to another part of the beach, which allowed us to see some stones called the Three Kings and a couple caves, which I walked to. Blink had the great idea of having everyone jump on the sand and take a picture, so we all took turns taking pictures for each other as the wind and rain smacked our faces. The sand is black because of a volcano eruption almost 100 years ago. Apparently the volcano erupts about every 70 years, so it is long overdue!

We all said bye to one another and went our separate ways. I was planning on going horseback riding in a small town, however when I got there it was closed due to the weather :( I kept driving and taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery (there were minimal cars on the road, so I was able to just park my car and take a pic). I saw a sign for a town called "Geysir" so I just turned right at the road leading to it. I had heard of the town and thought it would be interesting to see some geysers on my way home, although it ended up taking me a couple hours out of the way. That is the great part of having no plan, I can literally take whatever route I desire. It was pouring down rain as I drove. I had to drive on gravel road for a small part of my journey to the town, so I was very nervous that my little car wouldn't make it. My trip through the mountains was astonishing and I could not get enough of it. I would turn a corner and see an incredible waterfall or a glacier. There is also no nature or wildlife in the country of Iceland, which I honestly didn't mind because I hate bugs of all kind.

I arrived at the Geysir town and it was packed with tourists. There was a tourist shop and a cafe. I walked down a little path with my fellow tourists and reached a bunch of tiny geysers. They were extremely hot and boiling. There was one large geyser that erupts every 7 minutes or so, and I was lucky enough to catch it on video. Next, I drove a couple of miles to Gulfoss which is a crazy big waterfall. I got there and my jaw dropped! Water was pouring down into a canyon, similar to Niagra Falls, but on a much smaller scale. I still have no idea where all the water was coming from and I could not stop staring.

I drove about 2 hours and arrived once again in Reykjavik. I checked into a hostel called "Kex" which Shell had recommended. It was much nicer than my last hostel. I chatted with the receptionist about my plan to drive West to possibly catch the Northern Lights later, and a guy behind me in line mentioned he was about to book a tour to see them. He was from Boston and stopped in Iceland on his way back from Oktoberfest. I invited him to come with me, which I honestly should not have done since I am a girl traveling by myself (sorry mom!) but fortunately he was a great guy.

I met Chris from Boston at the hostel bar at 8pm and we ordered food and a couple of beers. Chris insisted on paying since I was letting him ride with me and he was saving a ton of money by not paying for a bus tour. It was very sweet of him. A guy sitting next to me started chatting with us because he could tell we were from America. We found out his name was Murry and he was the drummer in a band. The band's singer is Bam Margera from Jackass! The whole band was in town for Bam's wedding, which was taking place on Saturday. A few of the bandmates were at the bar, as well as Bam's close friend who is a painter. He has been traveling around Europe with Bam for a month painting the landscapes (Bam is apparently a painter, as well). They were a great group to hang out with and Murry even drew me a picture and wrote me a "love" note.

Chris and I drove out West about an hour into the mountains. Apparently the Northern Lights were supposed to be visible and the best way to catch them was away from the light pollution in the city. I was driving along the mountains in pure darkness with one headlight (I found out earlier that the other one was not functioning). It was honestly a little scary. We decided to park because we hadn't seen a car at all; we were in a desolate area of mountains and rock. We used the lights on our phones and climbed up a hill. There were more stars in the sky than I had EVER seen!! I wish I could have captured that sky forever and I knew it was a moment I would never forget. After staring at the stars for quite a while we decided it was time to go. We were sad that we still hadn't seen the lights. However, as we were driving Chris said that he thought he saw them, so I stopped the car and got out. We saw a glimpse of white lights dancing across the sky. They only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was great! We continued driving; there was even a lake glistening below, which I could barely see. There was still not a car in sight.

Chris and I safely made it back to our hostel. I got 1 hour of sleep and then headed outside to the bus that picked me up for the airport. I was exhausted, but my unforgettable day and night were, of course, completely worth it.

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