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Hi All,

No Pictures today, had a good day. Slept in a bit, had breakfast, and then read and slept. Got a text from intern Marie, she and her brother were going to the mall and wanted to take me to lunch. I agreed. They picked me up and we headed to a huge mall, they have a part that is more traditional. Had some tea and a pancake type sweet thing, very good. Then walked around checked out some Abayas (black cover dresses) some now even have a bit of color for special occasions. We ate Chinese food, good, the appetizer was French fries, strange but good. Then we checked out some traditional perfumes, in oil I think. I said I liked one and sure enough I came home with it. Also some dates, Arabian Coffee and a picture of a camel painted by Marie's sister. Nice day, came home had worship and then texted and chatted with mom, texted and face timed Janet and the boys. Do love the internet and technology, don't seem so far away. Last night I was looking for postcards to send home so I checked the gift shop. No cards but the gentleman said he would find some for me. Well, tonight I picked them up. They were just old greeting cards, thinking of you. Nice but no camels, sand or Saudi Arabia. I guess the age of postcards is gone. Will keep ;looking but not holding out any hope. tomorrow I lecture and hang out in their clinic. Should be interesting. More later. Blessings, Bonnie

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