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All is well, No new pictures sorry

Friday morning I worked on my lecture for Sunday. Then for lunch we went to Traditional restaurant. But forgot my Camera, Fahad did take some picture so I will get those from him later. we had a room of our own, there were 5 of us, started with Arabic Coffee, then a walk around the attached museum. Collection of old things and some nice pictures of past events in Saudi. For lunch we sat on the floor and ate at a low table. Rice, humus, fresh made bread, some other things, really didn't like the Okra. But everything very nice then an end with some tea with mint. Very fun. Then we headed over to the huge mall to show the other doctors the traditional market. Tea, water and Basboosa (combo Cookie/cake) very nice. Lots of cute children around. Was peaceful then came home.

Saturday was very quiet, nice, read a book, watched It is Written a couple of different programs, church from last week at Calimesa. Boy, the internet is amazing. That evening after sun down, Jehan and her sister Sarah, came and got me for shopping. A good souvenir store and then to the big mall for a dinner that was very good. Don't remember the name but some traditional food that was excellent. Then to the Swatch shop for my trip watch. Alway a hard thing to pick but did and you will all see it when I get home. Very nice girls, I am invited to their nieces birthday party on Friday afternoon.

Sunday a work day. To the school, finished a lecture I was giving at 1pm. Taking a lunch so there is not so much running around and I can be here for the lecture and clinic to follow. Lecture went well, I have some videos that I wanted to show, so they took my backup drive and worked on that. They figured that out but it came back with a virus and a bit of panic on my part. But Computer men are nice on this side of the world also, Haytham came to my rescue and all was well for the lecture. Then to clinic, saw the same gaggy young man as last week. But he is very nice and we even got thru an impression. Clinic is Clinic, but I will appreciate ours when I get back, 8 students not 29 students and I can see them all at one time, not one at a time. We are blessed, but they are great people to work with and I will leave friends behind.

Dr Abramovitch (dental radiologist from LLUSD) made it last week, so we share rides to the hotel coming and going, also we meet for breakfast. Nice to have someone to chat with from home in the morning. Internet is a bit spotty at the hotel, but still able to chat with mom daily.

Today, i am in my office working on Tomorrow's lecture and test questions from the lectures I have given, Not my favorite thing but part of the process. Just ate my lunch, so back to work I go.

Life is very good, I am doing fine and I am well taken care of.

Blessings to all and have a great week.


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