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Hi All,

Correction to previous entry, Bahrain is a different country, not county. See what happens when you just type and send.

Friday night- had a quiet morning, did go for a long walk, nice to be outside but hard to see that there is so much litter around this city and on the beach. Wish there was a way to have a clean-up day. Then to breakfast, rest and nap. Went to a birthday party at Dr. Jehan's parents house for Salma her 8 year old niece. Candy theme, very cute, everyone left with a sugar high. Will write more and upload pictures tomorrow.

Also Thursday night went to Dr. Adel's private practice. It was beautiful, even had a barista to make coffee and tea. Very envious, but glad to visit, he took us out to dinner at a very nice place. Thanks for the dinners Dr. Adel, you are an amazing host and very generous.

Well, I am fighting a cold so heading to bed. Will have time tomorrow to add pictures. Miss ya and have a great day.

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