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Fahad's first Nitrous oxide experience

Dr. Adel's Beautiful office

Dr. Adel's greatest unit- lots of bells and whisles

Me at the Candy Birthday party

chocolate covered Oreos

Chocolate dipped Marshmellows

Picture with the Birthday girl

Happy Party Goers

Birthday Girl and sister trying to blow outr "candle"

Hi All,

Well, it is Saturday night. I've had a quiet day trying to fight off a cold. Doing better as long as I stay on meds. Thanks to Jehan I am doing better. Hope to head to work tomorrow.

Back to Thursday. In the afternoon, Fahad wanted to try Nitrous Oxide and then try it on a friend. Kind of like we do it at the school. I administered it to Fahad, he got giggly and felt the affects. Here at the school, they do not teach their pre-docs how to use it. But the doctors that got their certificates in the states can. So then Fahad administered it to his friend, Nasser. He was less affected but did get chatty. Came home a bit early due to the cold starting. that evening we headed out to see Dr. Adel's Private Practice. It is beautiful, state of the art. Loved the room colors and pictures in the rooms. especially liked the red in the staff lounge where they had a lady who does coffee and tea for the patients and guests. He has great plans and I know he will succeed.

Friday morning was quite, always have a nice breakfast at the hotel. Went for a long walk nice but got a bit warm in my Abaya. Came home and got ready for the birthday party I was invited to. I picked up for the party about 3:30, arrived at Jehan's home, off with the abaya and to the back yard for the Candy Birthday party. Had a fun time. lots of sweets, great decorations, bouncy house, cute girls, nice place to sit and watch the activities. Pizza and cheeseburgers then the birthday cake for Salma. Only ladies and children, no men. When the ladies and girls started to leave, on came the Abayas, Hijas and veils to leave. A very interesting culture. They then had a birthday cake for Jehah's sister, Sara. Was fun to see a birthday party with happy children just like home. Hard to believe sometimes to believe I am half a world away.

Blessings and miss you all.


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