Bonnie's Saudia Arabia travel blog

Our hotel

a park on our walk


Chilis and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Starbucks

Tamimi's market (Safeway)

safeway's produce

Friday noon prayers and crowded parking

2 diet drinks

Lemonade with mint

The invertor of the middle east

Art- granite and lettuce

walk through art

light art

Jamal- my camel

Thanks Jehan, my Arabian sandals

Sorry so late in writing, it is easier to write here at school when I get a free minute. Having a great time, will be sad to leave my friends here, but look forward to coming home also.

Friday was a fun day, went for a long walk with Dr. Abramovitch,

along the street and the coast line, not really a beach but nice places for familes to hang out and have nice morning. I wanted to walk down to the area with the Taco Bell, every where you turn it looks like home, had visited Starbucks and Taco Bell the night before but wanted some pictures during the day. So we got in a long walk. As you can see from the pictures, Chili's, Pizza Hut, FGIFridays, Taco Bell, Apple bees, and even a Safeway.

Funny story there, we walked into the Tamimi's market and boom it looked like we had walked in to a Safeway at home. I took the pictures of the produce department


and then got told by the Security man, I could not take pictures, I apologized and he almost took my camera, but his boss signed it was ok, so my Camera stayed behind my back. Met a very nice lady doing her friday morning shopping while her family slept, reminded me of Christi and her early morning grocery shopping. I bought a Diet Root beer, and import, you can tell by the way the can opens, bought some Diet 6-Up at the store but only Diet Root Beer at the "Safeway" store.

we walked back, took pictures, on the way back we passed a mosque, they were having a talk that was broadcaster all over the area, Lots of cars and crowded and double parking, but they all leave at the same time so no problem.

2.5-3 hours later we were back, late lunch and rested. New Favorite drink- Lemonade with mint, very refreshing.

Friday night we went to an exhibition at ARAMCO, this is the oil drilling company of the ares, it was like a big fair, pictures are from the art exhibit,

we had a young man that went to school in Columbia Missouri, where Janet lives. Very small world, there was an exibit on 1001 inventions of Ibn Al-Haythem, and also the best 101 inventions on the history of man. it was a great evening, lots of fun and very interesting.

Sabbath was a quiet day, rest and reading. My last Sabbath here.

Busy day at work on Sunday, finished most of the Wednesday night lecture, listened to a lecture for the 5th year clinic. Then went shopping with Jehah, she is a great shopper. I bought my souvenir, a Camel now named Jamel

, and was bought a pair of sandals, Arabian Style.

So will finish for now, the rest of the week is planned I think. Leave late on Friday night. Enjoy, Bonnie.

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