James and Jess in Jamaica 2014 travel blog

Zombies at Doctors Cave Beach

Oh what a soothing lovely view, makes one so sleepy...

K, it's back to the hotel before we fall asleep and become...

We arrived in Jamaica in a drunk like state induced from sleep deprivation. After nearly 12 hours of flight time and something like 14 hours of layover time, 12 of that sleeping with the bums at the Chicago airport.

Our first night was to be at Toby's Resort, a small hotel near the airport, to pass a day till we could get to our true destination, the Royalton, aka heaven. Still, tired as we were we couldn't just pass up a chance to explore a little. We decided to walk through town to the beach, we were instantly recognized as easy prey, and were lured into a dark alleyway by some drug dealers/crafters. Luckily we were able to pay the toll for release and escaped with our lives.

We finally got to the beach and had to pay a toll to enter, we could barely keep our eyes open and left after about 10 minutes. It was a struggle to get back with James and his polite manners, every time someone tried to talk to him he stopped walking, stopped!! Can you imagine?! It was the alleyway all over again. Trying to find just the right way to say no, he kept trying to buy his way out, bad move, They were gathering around him like starving sharks. I decided to leave him there, he eventually made it out alive and caught up with me.

We got back to the hotel and slept for 14 hours.

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