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We sailed south from Cape Canaveral overnight and arrived at Nassau Bahamas today about noon. The temperature here was warm - finally - in the high 20's. It had been cold sailing all the way down, except for our day in Cape Canaveral yesterday, which was warm.

Linda and I had hot stone massages booked at 9:30 AM so we had to be up early. Afterwards there was a Steampunk film festival starting at 11 AM in the conference room, so I left Linda and went down to see what was on offer. I watched the director's cut of an interesting film called Dark City. After that was a weird Steampunk Kung Foo Movie from China. I did not get a chance to finish watching it as Linda came in looking for me ready to go on her shore excursion. Oops. I had to quickly run to the room and change and grab my camera.

Part of our group, including Linda, had arranged to take high tea at the Greycliff Hotel in Nassau. We were told that it was a short walk from the port and that there were only 2 or 3 steps into the tea room - wrong on both counts.

We set off as a group, all dressed in our steampunk best. Linda was dressed in her grey tea dress and I in my adventurer outfit - complete with pith helmet. All along the streets of Nassau the locals asked questions and commented on how well we were dressed.

We walked en-mass to the hotel, which turned out to be about 1.5 km away and at the top of the hill in the middle of Nassau. I got a good workout pushing Linda in her wheelchair up that hill - especially considering the condition of the roads and sidewalks. Maybe we should have taken a horse-drawn carriage or the offered van ride. Oh well, I needed to work off some of the cruise ship meals any way.

When we arrived at the Greycliff not only were there three stone steps up to the grounds, but there was a long set of stairs to get up into the building. With help, Linda managed to make her way up and get into the building. A beautiful old hotel, very nice (and very expensive). There were two more small steps into the tea room that we had been told about. The hotel had contacted us before the trip to tell us about the steps into the tea room and to ask if Linda could manage these. They had failed to tell us about rest of the stairs. It is a good thing that I had come along to help out, and not just abandoned her to do it on her own with the girls. After getting Linda settled in for tea, I headed out to check out the pirate museum and find a sleazy bar where I could get a drink of rum.

The pirate museum was located a few blocks away and it was actually quite interesting. Apparently, at least according to the information in the museum, Bahamas in general and Nassau in particular were the centre of pirating in the Caribbean in the early 18th centuries. The museum had a full-scale mock up of a single mast pirate ship that you walked around and through examining many aspects of life of a pirate. The museum lead out into a gift shop and pirate bar. It seemed like a good place to get a drink, and it was. After two strong rum drinks I headed back up the hill to see if Linda was done with her high tea. Not quite, so I had another drink of rum on the veranda of the hotel while I waited. I had not too long to wait - just long enough to finish my drink - before the group started coming out of the tea room. I was right, there on the table was the evidence - remains of the tiny little sandwiches, sweet snacks, and scandal broth in tiny fancy china cups.

I helped Linda back down the hill, which was much easier than going up, and we returned to the pirate museum so that Linda could tour it as well. Surprisingly, it was fully accessible in a wheelchair.

After the museum, we headed out looking for booty. Linda poked into a few shops, but she did not find anything that she wanted. We decided to head back towards the dock and take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around town as we did not need to be back before 10:30 - 11 PM. Unfortunately, all the carriages were done for the day and the shops were closing up too. Apparently, everything closes in Nassau at 5 PM - even when there are cruise ships in port.

One interesting thing we noticed was that there were no American banks in Nassau, only Canadian banks. We did manage to find one tourist shop that stayed open till 6 PM selling souvenirs. We decided to head back onto the ship for dinner as the food was good and free. At midnight our ship set sail for our next port of call - Coco Cay - a small private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We were scheduled to be there by 8 AM.

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