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Hotspring tubbing

Are you a redneck if you dry clothes on your bike in...

Cactus skeleton... who knew they had skeletons?

Is that a huge cactus or what?

Dive Buddies

Beep beep!

Clear skies pay off,

We left the campground Monday morning after Cherie and Teresa enjoyed a morning dip in the natural springs hot tub at the campground. We had the place to ourselves and it was very relaxing. Headed northwest through mostly desert and scrub brush but the mountains started to appear and we began to notice the classic Arizona Segura cactuses. They are vigorously protected these days but not so much back in the old days when someone we know used to take rides out with buddies to see how many shots it would take to down one. Made it to Larry (Cherie's former Aquarium Dive Buddy) and Pam's place in Peoria, AZ after a not so scenic ride through Phoenix. Larry and Pam (OK, mostly Pam) treated us to a terrific dinner and we had a great night's rest. Even including the brief interruption to get up and see the full lunar eclipse at midnight. A definite advantage of being in dry, clear skied Arizona for night time views. This morning (Tuesday) we headed out early for a hike in the White Tank Mountains. Interesting and unusual cactuses were all along the trail. As well as a few hawks and a lizard. And also in the western wildlife department, a roadrunner was spotted in Larry's neighborhood. Headed out for local Mexican food tonight and will be heading further west in the morning with intentions to make it to California tomorrow. (State #8 for this trip). So wonderful to visit with Larry after a year! But they seem to love it here so not much chance of convincing them to move back east.

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