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Our beach hut at Kande Beach

Buying charcoal for the barbecue

We have arrived at Kande Beach on the shores of Lake Malawi. The lake is the 4th largest freshwater lake in Africa, and the 9th largest in the world - it covers almost one fifth of the country and is so huge you can't see the far shore and it looks just like the ocean. It even had waves when we arrived yesterday afternoon and it was a really strange experience being in freshwater surf! We upgraded to a beach shack, a small cabin right on the beach so we could fall asleep with the sound of the sea - magic.

Today (Thursday) five of us went snorkelling round an island 800m offshore. Lake Malawi is supposed to have the highest fish biodiversity in the world so the snorkelling was pretty good, lots of fish in all different colours, stripey, spotty, stripey and spotty, plain - wish I had an underwater camera. It was still a bit rough but we decided to swim round the island, then climbed out to explore the island before going back into the water for another look before getting very inelegantly back into the boat and back to shore.

In the afternoon three of us went to the local village where one of the guys, called Banjo Patterson, took us to his house to meet his grandmother, then to the school and the local hospital. We met a women there with a newborn - we learned later that the baby was one of twins, and the other one had died. No wonder she looked so sad. Conditions in the hospital were very basic and didn't look too clean either - we don't know how lucky we are in Australia.

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