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I revived an old habit of trying to go somewhere new each year for the New Year and when BA released a very good offer in November I chose a trip to Seoul. I hadn't originally figured on just how cold it was going to be be but thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I didn't manage to find a firework display to herald in the New Year but figure that it might have been a bit chilly at midnight outside anyway.

I really wanted to get a bike ride in and had researched that the city does have a cycle hire scheme and a good cycle path along the river. I walked out to the river on new Year's day to try to find one of the hire spots, found the river and crossed over the bridge and back on the other side but still didn't see any hire bikes. I then walked down the river-side path for a few miles into a numbingly cold headwind and eventually turned round and headed back. Seoul is a city of many bridges and when I got back to the one I started from I came back up to the main road to find a cycle hire point directly opposite where I'd dropped down to the riverside path. To be fair I investigated it and there wasn't a word in English that I could understand how to have hired one even if I'd found it on the way out.

Seoul was interesting in its similarities to China and its big differences, the one that stood out to me was seeing multiple children in family groups.

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