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Welcome to Progreso, Mexico

The Rio Grande at the Progreso International Bridge

One foot in each country.

Authentic tacos and Mariachi music at lunch, Yum!

Larry's first pedi

Seahawk Superbowl Fingernails. Thanks, Peggy!

On the advice of numerous other 'Winter Texans, and no more medical insurance, we decided to seek dental care in Progresso, Mexico, which is legendary among the snowbirds. The snowbirds didn't lie - for just over $500, we both had our teeth cleaned, Larry had a root canal and a crown. In the good old USA, that would have cost at LEAST $1200....

The work was good, no complications, PLUS the whole procedure was complete in just two days, not the usual three weeks it would take in the States.

Progreso is a safe and very interesting little tourist town, with one main street and a dental office in every block. The sidewalks are lined with merchant booths selling everything from chopped napalito cactus to leather, to silver jewelry. The pharmacies, also legendary, sell drugs, most of them prescription in the states, for pennies on the dollar. We stocked up on Prilosec, lipitor, lisinopril, and some good old fashioned amoxicillin.

Authentic Mexican tacos are tiny, have no seasoning on the meat, and contain cabbage instead of lettuce. There is no cheese, and everything is sprinkled with lime juice. Lettuce and cheese are American additions. I had lunch with Natalie (the dental assistant at our chosen clinic,) and she told me that Mexican homes contain few utensils, as most food is finger food.

I purchased a paddle of nepalito cactus, which I cooked and add to salads and steamed veggies... it's not bad..... kinda tastes like okra without the stringy texture. I had my fingernails done in Seattle Seahawks colors, with little Alcons (Sea Hawks) brushed onto the index fingers. Peggy, the Mexican manicurist, had never heard of a Seahawk, and drew the logos from the picture I had on my smartphone. She did pretty well, don't you think? Larry has his first pedicure, and we both got haircuts. We had an authentic lunch in a pleasant place with mariachi music, then headed back across the bridge and back to Americana RV Resort, We will go back to Progreso at least once a year.

This is the last time we will cross the border while near the Rio Grande, as we have been warned that border towns West of Progreso are not nice places.

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