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Hi Everybodeeee!

We may be back in the internet business. Mike called Apple and they told him he needed to do an update on his phone. We have our fingers crossed. Right now we are sitting at a Burger King with free wifi. What an excuse to buy a Whopper and fries.

We are spending our last day at Canyon de Chelly. Yesterday we rode horses for two hours up the canyon with a Guide. Today, we took the only hike we could without a guide. It was unbelievable. We hiked 1K feet down to some ruins and always the vendors. At every stop on the overlook drive there were vendors. We took pictures to try to give you all a sense of the beauty but the serenity does not translate. Since we are on a reservation, we saw lots of houses and have met many Navajo and Dine. All that we have spoken to have a reverence for the land and it is easy to see why.

Oh I forgot, thanks to the horses and the hike, we don't know what hurts the most [legs or butts].

Tomorrow we head to Chaco Canyon from which we are not expecting internet or phone service. It is extremely remote. Mike is hoping to see relatives of Jim Chee. (sorry just a reference to Tony Hillerman for those of you who have read them). I think it is pretty funny that I am reading Winds of War instead of Tony.

We are still having fun seeing unique campers. Yesterday, 19 campers pulled in to the campground from an RV Club. I just want to make sure we stay ahead of them so they don't take all of the sites. You can imagine how worried Mike is. We will probably have to leave at 3 am tomorrow.

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