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I spent most of the day taking my dogs to their various babysitters (Thank you guys!) and got home with just enough time to take a quick shower, pack the last minute “stuff” we all take, and headed for the airport. I parked my car at the storage lot and got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. My first flight was a short hop to Los Angeles, then boarded the giant Boeing 777 for the flight to Sydney. The flight was incredibly looooong, but overall uneventful. I had nice seatmates and they fed us supper, breakfast and lunch. I got to Sydney and had to go thru security again – even tho I hadn’t left the secure area. That part always amazes me. What do they think we could have collected when we never left the airport? Anyway – the last flight was from Sydney to Auckland. It was about 3 hours long and unfortunately I couldn’t connect to their inflight entertainment system so I got a little bored but passed most of my time playing a few games on my phone. I finally arrived in Auckland after about 24 hours of travel time. I was very surprised to find it was quite warm and VERY humid! I looked like a slug after all the flying, but by the time I arrived at the hotel I was a wet, droopy slug. I couldn’t wait to get into the shower! But I digress… I finally got through Customs and went out to find a taxi to the hotel. I asked the first taxi how much it would cost to get to the Scenic Hotel Auckland and was amazed when he said “about $90”. Unfortunately it was rush hour so the trip wasn’t so long as it was slow. When I went to pay him I gave him my credit card and he added on an $11 tip! Oh well… My hotel room was nice and my roommate wasn’t arriving til the next morning so I had the place to myself for the first night. I slept VERY well that night!

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