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Very beginnings of the Grand Canyon (Colorado River)

Navajo Country below Page, AZ.

Navajo country

Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post between Page & Flagstaff, AZ.

Made it to Clifton & the kids

Gas is the first thing on the agenda this morning; mileage364.7; 19.651 gal @ $2.799/gal; total $55.00.

Excitement and fear build---I'm one days drive from my daughter and 4 of my grandchildren!!!!!

We stopped at Yellowhorse Trading Post and got some Tsidze (Juniper Berry Seed) necklaces for the grandkids. They are said to give protection from evil spirits and bad dreams.

Flagstaff just yelled out at us to stop and get more gas; mileage 126.6; 51.805 gal @ $2.799/gal; total $145.00.

Saw a deer just north of St. Johns, AZ. We started over the Coronado Trail and about half way through to Morenci we had to stop and unload Lizzy and I had to drive on in to Clifton. Only saw one little doe coming over the Coronado. We stayed in the Clifton Rv Park and spent a very enjoyable evening with the kids. We went with them to feed the horses and meet Peanut, Bailey & Niki. Sure didn't want them to go home but the kids had school the next day and Jared & Rishean had work so we said goodbye to them -again. I hate that & it just isn't right. But it was wonderful to see them!

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