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State Park we stayed in

Took a guided tour to a peanut factory. We had to wear...

peanuts are dropped from the belly of a truck into a vat.

peanuts are soaked in brine for a half hour, and checked for...

And then roasted

packaging in 10 oz packages

Peanuts sent to many baseball leagues

peanuts packed in 25 llb boxes.

Archaeological site between Portales and Clovis NM







I was amazed to realize the power it had to take to...


I had not heard of Norman Petty, but after visiting his studio,...

The Norman Petty Trio hit

Wow!! I'm sitting in the chair that Buddy Holly sat in!

Recording studio..check out the tubes on the top.

How about the microphone


Roy Orbison's funeral program

Roy Orbison

A typewriter for writing music (Check out the keys)

The next picture is the couch Buddy Holly and the Crickets were...


The is one of the first microwaves!!

More memorabilia





Back at the campground we had a great potluck. Way to much...

My buddy Paul's "Work of Art" salad

My friend Paul's "work of art" salad

Portales is small town near the Texas border.

Our first stop was the Hampton Peanut factory. Now I know that your life would not be complete unless you know how those peanuts in the shell got salty. Well...they are soaked in brine for about a half hour and then roasted. Hampton sends peanuts all over the world.

The next stop was the Blackwater Draw. This was the first place in the world where they found evidence of the Clovis culture. Clovis is the name archaeologists have given to the earliest well-established human culture in the North American continent. Clovis were the first big game hunters of the Paleoindian tradition, although they were probably not the first people in the American continents. Clovis points are the spear points that have been found in this area. After finding evidence at the Blackwater Draw, it was realized that this culture had wandered across the American continent.

The next day we went to the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, NM. I had never heard of Norman Petty, but I sure had heard of Buddy Holly, and this is where he was discovered.

Norman, his wife Vi and guitarist Jack Vaughn formed a group called the Norman Petty Trio and had a hit called "Mood Indigo". Despite the success with his own records, Petty is most famous for his recording studio in Clovis. In his homespun studio, he produced successful singles for his own musical group and for Texas musicians Roy Orbison, Buddy Knox, Waylon Jennings, and many more.

Petty served as Buddy Holly's recording engineer and also as his first manager until late 1958. Many of Holly's best and most polished efforts were produced at the Clovis studio. After Holly's death, Petty was put in charge of overdubbing unfinished Holly recordings and demos.

The museum is different because you can walk through and touch the equipment and other memorabilia. I sat in a chair that Buddy Holly and Norman Petty had set in. In the back of the studio is a small apartment where the bands used to stay while they were recording. It was like walking back in time. This was definitely the highlight of the Portales stop.

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