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Today we got up at 4am to leave for Athens , it's our 3rd trip back to Athens but the only way to get to Malta. We had a 25 min flight from Crete and a connecting flight to Malta, we arrived at 9am. The taxi got us to Mellieha which is a beach resort away from the centre of Malta - the capital is Valletta. We are going to go there soon . We have a 7 day pass for the buses that take you all over the island . I can see that this is a holiday spot for families in the school holidays which finish next week . The view from our room is beautiful - beach and some history too .

Apparently Malta was the most bombed place in the 2nd world war. You can see lots of odd buildings dotted around . We will use this opportunity to explore Sicily and Gozo.

I don't think they have the same fears about the ozone layer here . Yesterday in Crete I watched a lady at the beach have a swim ( she was very brown) get out and put coconut oil all over her ( Maureen , made me think of us) turn her chair to face the sun and then lie down without anything over her face . Yikes !! You wouldn't do that in Oz or NZ now .

Lots of people just sitting around in the water , it seems a safe place for kids .

It's very dry here , they have some sort of market gardens , there are beautiful vegetables , I haven't seen any animals yet - the odd dog swimming at the beach that's all.

So here we are , just settling in and working out a game plan for the next few days ,before Pete takes off for Spain and we go to Rome .

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