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Last night John was allowed to choose the restaurant , we went back to one we had been to before , the waiters and waitresses are young and lovely . The guy that served us last night was 15 and very efficient , no problem for him to be serving the alcohol to us . The little girl has a friend there too and they have come from Serbia to work in Malta .

So today we had a sleep in and went to breakfast at 9.30am , I had a look around our local shops and then walked to the beach , it looks far but it's not really , I hadn't taken much money and wanted to lie on a deck chair , that was 4.50 euro and the umbrella was 3 euro so I could only afford the deck chair . I counted one companies chairs and umbrellas that were almost all occupied and there were 30 chairs across and 12 rows deep . Money making business for sure . When the guy had gone I edged my way closer to the shade of a vacant umbrella - I went swimming , the water was cool to get into but very pleasant . So I stayed for 2 hours and then felt a bit burnt and decided to walk the hill home , I could do with some exercise , this drinking & eating shows after a while .

It took me ages to cool down .

The guys had gone to the restaurant with the good music and view and watched me walking up the hill .

It's not my turn to chose the restaurant tonight but there are some good ones at the beach .

So tomorrow it's farewell to this holiday place where people know how to take it easy , chill out , don't stress , have a break - I truly haven't heard any agro here - sometimes the Maltese talk loud to each other but I don't think it's angry !

A very good place to come .

Our flight leaves at 12.35pm tomorrow so we will go to the airport early with Pete and say our fond farewells , his plane leaves at 8.30 for Spain. Adios Pete , see you

In NZ .

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