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Two of the Bermuda islands



Santas in Bermuda

The crossing has been much better than I expected, with very smooth seas for most of the voyage and the temperature increasing everyday. About two days ago it the sea was rougher and the ship rolled a bit but not too badly.There has been so much to do each day, Martin Bell the former BBC reporter and MP was giving lectures on working in a war zone and being an MP amongst other things. He was very funny and most enjoyable. Ian has been to talks on various subjects and has decided his new hobby will be astronomy. He wants a telescope when we get home! I have enjoyed the delights of the spa and the watercolour class. I don't think I will be making a fortune from my paintings! The food has been fabulous and we have been trying to work it off in the gym!

After six days we have reached Bermuda. We woke early to watch the sun come up as we sailed towards Bermuda. I had not realised that 'The Bermudas' are actually a group of around 180 islands. Bermuda lies about 600 nautical miles off the east coast of America.

What first strikes me is how colourful the island is. The sea is a fantastic azure colour, so much greenery and the houses are every pastel colour you can think of! We took a tour of the Island with our guide pointing out the houses owned by particular celebrities including Michael Douglas! We stopped in Hamilton for a little while and the we went to the Lighthouse where Ian climbed the 185 steps to the top.

We will now board the ship to sail towards Port Canaveral.

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