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Banana Yucca

Claret Cupped Cactus

207-04-13. Lava trail and Springerville, AZ

We awoke to blue skies so decided to hike the nature trail before driving on. The desert may be dry but it is not barren. Here, the lava bubbled through vents creating tubes and bubbles. When they burst or collapsed, spaces were created that now support all kinds of plant and animal life. Tiny plants were blooming and the desert Yucca along with a lily plant with curved leaves and a spikey flower containing tiny white blooms on a triangular shaped stem. The small barrel cactus showed its brilliant red-orange blossoms and the sage was blooming in vibrant but tiny purple colors. It would have been fun to explore the lava landscape but we didn't have time to go off into the wilderness. So, we packed up and drove to Springerville, Arizona. Have I mentioned that Arizona does not recognize daylight savings time so instead of it being 5:00 when we arrived, it was only 4:00 p.m.. Losing two hours in one day was confusing at first but...who really cares? We stayed at the Casa Malpais RV park; a spot with lots of full time residents but OK for a night. Plus the owner was very nice and gave us a good site that was convenient for our morning get-a-way.

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