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Bus drivers always remembered where we wanted to be dropped off and...

Trying to find a Nassau Bus Schedule?

We looked all over the Internet to find schedules for the buses ridden by local people around the island of New Providence. We found a very helpful one at this website:

If you have the time, the buses are an interesting way to see some of the island and meet a few friendly Bahamians. The drivers always remembered to notify us when it was time to get off and sometimes would point out sights of interest along the route. Each driver was proud of how clean his bus was and each had a different musical choice to make the ride interesting.

WikiVoyage provides a more abbreviated version of the schedule for tourists, who mostly want to travel West Bay Street between downtown and hotels near Cable Beach:

"The buses (also called Jitneys) are 32-seaters and travel to many parts of the Island. They operate from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, except on Sundays when there is limited service. The basic fare is $1.25 per person and $2 for areas on the outskirts of town. Exact fare is required. The schedule is as follows:

From Bay Street (opposite Parliament Street) to the Eastern end of the Island (including foot of the bridge to Paradise Island) and return -- Bus Numbers: 1, 9, 9A, 9B, 19, 21, 21A, 23

From Bay Street (opposite Market Street) to the Marathon Mall and return -- Bus Numbers: 1, 1A, 3, 19, 21

From Frederick Street (Bay Street) to Town Center Mall and return -- Bus Numbers: 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 11A, 12, 15, 15A

From Bay Street (George Street) to Cable Beach and return -- Bus Numbers: 10, 10A"

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