Bob and Julie head South travel blog

Entry sign of the park

Looking at the crowd


Julie on the south rim

This guy asked if I had candy

Daredevils out on the rocks

A more careful daredevil

The hotel pool didn't have many users in the forty degree weather

These two were in violation of established pedestrian rules

Been a long time. The Manhole lid of the day

Sunset pictures of the canyon

A very nice sunset. The photo doesn't do it justice

Grand Canyon just after sunset

3-1-18 Grand Canyon

We planned to spend the entire day exploring what is called one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. We saw two films, one was a IMAX film, “Grand Canyon Hidden Secrets” in town. The other was in the park itself at the visitor center called “Grand Canyon- A Journey of Wonder, an interpretive film. We liked the second one better.

We ran around taking pictures, learning lots about the geology, wildlife, ancient people, and more in the many museums that are in the park.

The weather was sunny, a bit windy and cool. The daytime temperatures was in the low forties. It was 20 degrees when I got up. Had to scrap ice of the windshield before getting coffee.

We hit it hard but had to throttle back a bit in the later afternoon. The elevation, (7,000 feet), wind and chill made it necessary to go to hotel for a break and some lunch.

Before calling it quits for the day, went out to watch the sunset and color changes in the canyon. The deer and elk came out to make an great ending of the day.

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