Winter 2018 travel blog

View down in the crater

View of east side of crater

Again traveling I-40 we stopped just outside Winslow, AZ for a couple of days staying at Meteor Crater RV Park. Here again, we had traveled through the area and had wanted to stop to see this meteor crater that I had been to as a kid, but not much memory of. We had the time and so decided to stay a couple of days. The weather again was cold and windy but we took off to visit the crater the next morning. This meteor was actually determined a meteor only since the early 1960's. Up to then, while some thought it was from outer space, but the consensus was because this was such an active volcanic area that it was from an eruption. Later disproved. This crater which they estimate hit about 50,000 years ago was originally 700 feet deep and nearly a mile across. It is now 550 feet deep. The astronauts actually train on the floor of this crater, but no other visitors are allowed down in the crater. It is an impressive "hole in the ground". The next day the wind was fierce so we stayed put inside for the day.

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