Iceland/Greenland 2018 travel blog

Front of our hostel

Our pod in our room

Inside our pod

Outside of Hallgrimskirkja

Inside the church

Viking ship sculpture on the waterfront

Darren (and Sebastian) got us to Kennedy airport by 6:30 pm the night before, for an ‘exciting’ night of flying. We breezed through security, got to our gate, and waited. And waited. Seems like Delta put the wrong plane at our gate, and eventually decided it was easier to move the passengers than the plane. So we went to a new gate and finally boarded a plane that was bound for Iceland. And waited – because luggage had been loaded for one or more passengers who had not boarded, and that luggage had to be found and removed. Actual departure time was about 2 hours after the scheduled departure time. :-(

We did make it to Iceland, arriving in Reykjavik about 8 am (with the time change). No customs unless you have something to declare. Got our checked bags, got a little cash from an ATM, and got a ticket for the Flybus to our hostel.

We couldn’t check in yet, but the nice people at the hostel agreed to store our bags. We went across the street to the grocery store and got Skyr and a muffin for brunch, and hung out in the lobby/lounge until time for our bus tour.

We took a 3-hour tour of Greater Reykjavik. Not as good as I had hoped. We were both exhausted, and I didn’t feel so much oriented as disoriented. At least we stopped at the Hallgrímskirkja and I got to see inside. Very nice—Lutheran Gothic Cathedral, with clean lines. Very unlike the various ornate Spanish Catholic Churches we have seen elsewhere. We also saw the very beautiful Viking Ship sculpture on the waterfont.

Back at the Galaxy Pod Hostel, we checked into our pod. Our room (smaller than our bedroom at home) had 4 double pods (2 up and 2 down). (So room capacity is 8 adults, and there were 8 people in the 4 pods at least one night we were there.) Each pod has a double size mattress with 2 duvets and 2 pillows. The sliding pod door locks. There are blue lights (dimmable) in the ceiling, and white dimmable lights around the mirror, a couple of USB outlets, and dimmable reading lights for each person. There is also a TV/entertainment system, which we did not use. We have a storage locker in the room, which holds one of our backpacks plus a little, but not our carryon size luggage. We left one bag in the luggage room, and the other is against the wall. A passageway about a meter wide is between the pods and the wall. There is a power strip for charging non-USB devices and a window at the end of the room. Men’s and women’s restrooms/shower rooms are down the hall. We also have a shared kitchen.

It is somewhat minimal, but we have been in tighter quarters. We had an idea of what we were signing up for, we wanted to try it out, and it is sort of cool. It is good that Larry and I are compatible.

Once we got into the pod, we took a couple hour nap. Then we went over to the grocery store to get food for breakfast, and down the street to a grill where we got cheeseburgers. Back at the hostel, we did a little organizing before we went to bed.

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