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Larry with Erik the Red and polar bear

Exterior of Harpa

Wall and ceiling inside Harpa

Bar, reception desk, and lounge at Galaxy Pod Hostel

As a result, we slept really late the next morning. I didn’t even wake up until 10:30. By the time we got breakfast and got organized, it was about 1:30. I bought city cards for us—free bus, free swimming, some free museums, discounts at others. Not a good deal, I am afraid. We used a few buses, didn’t make it to a swimming pool, and at most of the museums, we would have gotten a senior discount. Oh, well.

Today was the day we planned to explore Reykjavik. We took a city bus to the tourist office at City Hall. I wanted to find out if anything was open after about 6 pm. Not much, except restaurants and night life. So we started with an unimpressive art museum, then went to the Saga Museum, which had headphones to narrate the tour and was pretty good. It took us about an hour. Afterward, they had some helmets and costumes to try on. Larry even found one that fit. Larry also told me that I looked like a true Viking woman, except that my hair was too short for braids.

We stopped and got some fish and chips near the harbor. Then we went to the Volcano House, where we watched their 2 half-hour volcano videos—on on Eyafjallajokull and one on Heimaey. Both also included general info about volcanoes.

After sitting for dinner and the movies, we were able to walk again. We went to Harpa, a new concert hall and opera house on the waterfront. It is very interesting-looking, with glass cells on the exterior. On the front, they are like the hexagonal basalt columns found in Iceland, only in glass. We also went inside to look at it. Interesting that way, too. When we were here in 2010, it was under construction, and was eye-catching then but it’s even better now.

After walking all afternoon and part of the evening, we slept well in our pod.

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