Iceland/Greenland 2018 travel blog

Perlan (yes, they are working on it)

Musicians outside Perlan

Shirley in ice cave at Perlan

Volcano photo at Perlan

View from top of Perlan

View of downtown from Perlan

Boarding the plane for Greenland

We got up, packed, and checked out, then left our bags at the desk. We took a city bus to Perlan, which is built on top of water tanks up on a hill. BIG hot water tanks for storing geothermally heated water. It was very interesting.

Perlan had exhibits, some interactive, on volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics. They were pretty good. There were some spectacular photos. The volcano picture is a picture of a picture; Larry said he really wished he had taken that.

Probably the best part from my view was the ice cave. We walked through a human-transported and human-maintained glacial ice cave in a group with a guide. It was very cold, obviously, but our jackets were sufficient for the short time we were in there. There were lots of real features like holes in the walls, and deep fissures (carefully barricaded). Pretty cool. Well lit, too.

We also went up to the observation deck on the roof. The air was VERY clear. There were signs identifying what was in the direction we were looking. Very good.

Lunch was Icelandic hot dogs at a grill near our hostel, followed by a bus to the airport. Our flight was scheduled for 6:30 pm, with 4:30 check-in. Got there about 4, and check-in was not open yet. But we met some other folks from our group. The departure board listed our flight at 9:30. Not good.

At the airport, we had multiple delays—wait for check-in, wait for gate assignment (eventually the board listed our flight at 4:30), wait for gate to open, wait to board bus to plane, etc. Our plane was a Dash-8, 36-passenger, propeller plane. Most of our trip was cloudy, but toward the end we got some views of the Greenland ice cap. We were served juice, water, or coffee, along with cookies. Period. The flight was about 3 hours, and the time change was 2 hours, so we left maybe around 7, and arrived somewhat after 8 pm.

NOTE: Several times on this trip we got faulty information that was supposedly official – each time telling us that our flight was delayed and, if we had followed the information, would have caused us to miss our flight. Larry thinks that someone with malicious intent is doing some hacking.

The fjord up to Kangerlussuaq still had too much ice in it for our ship to pass, so we were flown to Sisimiut on the coast. We landed at a very small airport, got our passports stamped, and got on another bus to our ship, the Sea Spirit. We checked in, had dinner (at last!), and were issued parkas (ours to keep) and big rubber muck boots (just for the trip). We have no WiFi, no Internet. Some 50 passengers were already on board, having arrived earlier in the day. We have 87 passengers on a ship that can accommodate 114. The ship has been here since yesterday, I think. As we learned later, the number of crew is greater than the number of passengers.

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