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More waterfalls

More waterfalls


Up close to glacier


Up close to glacier


Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon



Glacier Lagoon


Aqua bus

Going back to sea

The sea at last

So many colours of blue

Black Sand Beach Reynisfjara

Cathedral ceiling

Basalt Columns

Cathedral Cave


Looks like an old prospector to me

July 19th

You have a new journaller, Pam. Linda has returned home as her mother will be undergoing an unplanned surgery. She will update everyobne. Her sister , Bev and family are with her.

So two strangers in the night are travelling together, Linda's friend and Linda's cousin. Darlene loves to cook and I enjoy writing the journal.

We started off heading towards the Glacier Lagoons, a 2 hour drive. We passed through 3 different types of landscapes. Little farms were nestled back against green cliffs that were often dotted with white little blobs, which were the sheep that roam everywhere. They are like mountain goats and could be found by the roadside to high up the cliffs. Often found in little groups of 4 or 5. We also spotted the white round bales of hay like at home, but here not only did they have white, but black, green, blue, pink and yellow, which made for a colourful display. We thought at first that they were used for different types of "hay" but were told that 2 years ago they introduced colours as a support. So pink is to support breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer and yellow for children's upper respitory problems. What a wonderful idea. She did not know what or if the black and greens meant anything.

Then onto a moonscape covered in a yellow green moss. We began to see the fingers of the icefields looming in the back. Then onto a desert like scape, barren with some small bolders and then back to the pastorical like green hill/cliffs. Reminded us much like a Swiss meadow.

We encountered little herds of Icelandic ponies all along as well. Apparently no other horse is allowed to enter Iceland nor once a horse leaves, may he come back. They want the

breed to stay pure.

Somewhere along the way we picked up Sarah, a hitchhiker from Belgium. She had just finished highschool and was backpacking/tenting/hostelling/couch surfacing her way around Iceland. She hopped to do this in a month. She was feeling a little lonely in her 1st week. Darlene and I couldn't imagine having our daughters travelling alone like this at age 17/18 and so we shared our lunch with her and of course our motherly advice.

At Jokulsarlon, Glacier Lagoon we were treated to an enclosed lake filled with iceburgs. While we were there 2 iceburgs split, making a huge bang and splash. The iceburg bobbed up and then rolled over moving quicker as it headed out a channel to be be swallowed up by the sea. The beach at the mouth was called Diamond Beach because of the little iceburgs that could be found. This is where we left Sarah to continue her journey. At the lagoon area, you could take trips on an aquabus, pontoons and kayaks. We also spotted a seal amongst the burgs.

We encountered a tourist spot, Laufskalavarda, the land of stone rock piles. It was in honor of a farmer who lost his farm to a volcanic eruption. They even unloaded a pile of stones so people could start placing. Remember if you ever come to the south of Iceland bring a stone from home, write your name or message and place on one of the many piles. You bring a stone and place it for good luck. As you can see there were some very artistic balancing going on.

Heading back we turned off to visit the Black Sands Beach where we viewed basalt columns or monoliths reaching to the sky from the water. The black sand on the beach turn to black pearl like beads as it neared the ocean. We noticed our hotel used the large black pebbles for the flooring and the little tiny beed like ones for a feature wall in the bathrooms. There was also the Cathedral Caves in the cliff side along the beach. The basalt columns formed around the caves with the cave itself having jutting pointed rocks lining it. I will post the picutres when I can figure out how to transfer them from my camera.

We ended our day at the Volcano Hotel, plunked in the middle of a pasture, surronded by sheep. We went into the town of Vik. It took us a bit of time as we turned right instead of left and after 12 minutes, when we should have reached Vik, Darlene realized we needed to go the other way. We may never get off this island as we may keep circling it. At Vik we learned how to fill up the car tank. I would suggest you never complain about gas prices. We filled up the car to the equivalence of $125.00!! We are driving a VW Gulf wagon. We then headed to a little Bistro and had a delicious Vegetarian Pizza and Mediterranean Salad. We had lots left over for lunch tomorrow.

Many town names ended in vik, which we learned meant Bay.

The temperature today hit 20 degrees at 4 pm for a few minutes and was very warm, comparatively speaking. Lots of sunshine.

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