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Lots of colorful flowers

Kerio Crater

Direction Sign that we missed

Secret Lagoon

Washing Instructions

The lifeguard, respect his privacy was a rule

90 degrees

Old bath house. I'm thinking 1908 it was opened

Reykjavik Seafood Restaurant

July 20th

On the road again, isn't that a Willy Nelson song???

After a very nice breakfast of freshly scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and an assortment of breads, cheese, meat and Nutella, we headed for an old Volcanic Crater at Kerio. What a beautiful sight. We paid our 400 Isk and walked around the perimeter. It is amazing the variety of flowers that grow on these rocky grounds. As it is a wee bit cooler today, 9 degrees, windy and rainy we passed by the opportunity to walk down many steps to the lake below.

We both have a natural hot spring pool dip on our minds, so off to the Secret Lagoon, which is the oldest pool in Iceland. They have a few rules here, that you must shower and soap down all your private areas, hair, armpits and feet and then you put on your bathing suits before entering the pool. You certainly can't be modest here. Darlene was the only one in the pool with a hat on to cover up the fact that she forgot to wash her hair as well as keeping it dry. We did spot two other ladies later on wearing shower caps. The idea being that they don't need to use chemicals to keep the pool clean. We spent a lovely hour or so in the water and even took a stroll in our bathings suits to view the other hotsprings which were 100 degrees and then plop back into the hotspring pool. We showered and then ate our yummy left over pizza from last night.

Now off to the geyser, except somehow we ended back on the 1 which is the main highway back to Reykjavik. We have renamed the Golden Circle to the Dimwit Circle. How we reversed direction, relying on a GPS we have no idea. Anyway I suppose we will be leaving the Geyser and the old Parliament Area for another visit back. The rain is now coming down like Vancouver, so we are heading back to Reykjavik to return the car, get to the hotel Fron and then off to see the play called, How to be Icelandic in 60 minutes.

We headed back to the waterfront in Reykjavik to the Harpa Concert Hall to become Icelandic. It was hilarious. The fellow took us through the 13 or so steps, describing the people and the culture. Apparently Icelandic people have one look and one tone for every emotion they experience. So it is very hard to distinguish if they are happy or mad at you. It's all very monotone. They also are noted for their arguing, hence nothing gets done in Parliament. Their walk as well very unexpressive, hands hangin by their side or a high step that they developed to avoid the little bumps and mounds in the countryside. One expression the woman will use by saying a word while inhaling, like God. Try it. Inhale, say God. It is unique. All in all we found it quite hilarious. We recommend it if you should ever have a chance to visit here. There was a young girl in the crowd laughing hysterically, she was from Iceland. We also learned that Iceland's first lady is Canadian.

We wandered to further west along the waterfront, which is underconstruction, to a cute little restaurant called Reykjavik Seafood House. We both chose Fish and chips, wine for me and a light beer for Darlene. The fish was Cod, which is one of their main exports. It was so nice eating fresh fish. Great way to end our stay in Iceland.

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