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Our first picnic 12 degrees

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Gljufrabui Falls

cotton like flower/weed


Sheep warming it's chin on a rock

Loook out for sheep on road. You are responsible for damage to...

Magma Hotel

View from our room

Icelandic Horses


July 18th

We were up early to be ready by 8:30 to get our car, a VW Golf. It is at this point that I realize I am missing my black bag, so back to the hotel to pick it up. It really sucks sometimes getting old, ok a lot of the time. My memory is good, just really short.

We pass by jets of steam spouting from the sides of the hills.

Our first stop is the lava center in Hvolsvollur, a walk through large interactive center. At one point, you went through a tunnel where you experience the noise and movement underfoot during an earthquake. The movie gave us the history of the different volcanoes. What a life, worrying about the next erruption. We then had our first picnic outside in the 12 degree weather. We feasted on Brie cheese, crackers, ham slice with basil, hummous, orange and yogurt-Skyr. Delicious.

It was a wonderful waterful day. The first waterful,Seljalandsfoss, known as a fairy waterfall that you can walk behind on a footpath. As it was cool,10 degrees and lots of spray we opted for taking pictures. Further along we visited Skoqafoss, a 60 meter free falling waterfall. Foss as you can gather means waterfall.

Passing alongside Eyjafjolly Mountain Range we enjoyed the pastorical like countryside with farms and sheep and Icelandic horses ranging free. Very much like a Swiss alpine meadow

After completing our day we headed to the Magma hotel which were cute little huts with grass roofs. Inside we found we had a beautiful view of a little crater lake and fields with a small pack of Icelandic horses. That night we dined at the hotel and ate Arctic Char, which was very close tasting to Sockeye Salmon. We complimented it with a house wine (not sure of the complimenting, but it was wet and alcohol) and split a brownie dessert, covered in chocolate and strawberries and blueberries. The cost being 75$ each!! In Iceland there is no tipping.

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