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The well traveled tend to look down their noses at visiting the Bahamas. They are too close to the US, they are not pretty, little remains of their colonial heritage. If you're going to the Caribbean, better to visit the Virgin Islands for scenery, CuraƧao for European culture, Bonaire for diving, Trinidad for their steel drums. Nevertheless the Bahamas have a special place in our hearts. We took our first cruise here and were set on a path we continue to walk with delight. We once spent a frenetic New Years' Eve at the Junkanoo festivities admiring the crepe paper covered colorful costumes. We are always happy to stop by and see what's new.

We have great memories of a week spent snorkeling from a sailboat where we floated from island to island enjoying coral fields and clear water teeming with fish. Doubtless some of the wrinkles I bear today were created during that sun filled sail.

So we took a snorkeling trip today and were delighted to find that the water is still clear, some coral is still there and the water still teems with fish. With all the bad news we hear these days about the warming oceans and the effect this warmth has on flora and fauna, it was so nice to see an area that lived up to our memories. The boat captain brought a bag of fish snacks, which encouraged schools of fish to gather. It is such a thrill to swim through the water surrounded by fish. There were so many different kinds. Of course, the sail back to shore included rum punch and loud music. It's a Caribbean tradition. We sailed past the Atlantis resort. We used to think this casino hotel was huge and fabulous. After seeing such places in Dubai, it was about as impressive as our garage.

The main street in Nassau was shut down for a parade honoring the one hundred year anniversary of the Great War in Europe, a reminder that the locals still feel a kinship with the British whose colony they once were. The lack of traffic made wandering the stores so much more pleasant. They should just leave it that way.

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