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We are at the airport in Iceland waiting for our flight to Copenhagen.

We left seattle on Saturday the 25th and I believe it is now the morning of the 26th.

The flight was good; I watched a couple of movies, had some of my snacks....but did not sleep. Surprisingly I was not tired!

I had an extra seat in the plane beside me which was nice; got a little extra room to move around. Watched the flight of the plane across Canada and to Iceland.

Not sure about Icelandair....Joy's seat did not recline and I saw others who were having issues. All of the food is for purchase (so glad we brought out own sandwich and snacks). They had changed the plane recently so the seating was slightly different than our original plan.

This airport appears to be a little unorganized; it is very busy for 0530/0700 on a Sunday morning! But we did not have to go through customs! Joy requires a wheelchair (due to her back surgery) so that is a bit of an advantage as we get assistance getting through the airport and to the next gate! We got off the plane in an interesting elevated car and did not have to descend the stairway to the pavement as other passengers did.

Watched others at the airport and just waited til our plane was ready to load and depart.

The flight to Copenhagen was good; believe I watched a movie and listened to music. It was fun to see Copenhagen from the air; there was a big bridge that we went over and saw lots of buildings, etc.

Once we landed, we took a cab to the Cabin Mann hotel.

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