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Yummy free drinks

1/19/19 Sea day

It was 75 and sunny this morning.  I went to the gym first thing. This is the final day of the first cruise, with most people getting off the boat tomorrow morning.  I headed up to the Serenity Deck (15) early to get some sun before it got too hot. After just a few minutes, the clouds rolled in and then it started raining.  It lasted less than 30 minutes. While waiting it out, I spoke with some nice people from Michigan. Then after a while, I laid back down. A few minutes later, crew came up and said they were closing the deck due to the strong winds. I decided to go for a walk and remembered they were playing bean bag toss, so I did that.   Jim came by too late to sign up. I did okay, but still lost in the first round. Guess I'd better practice for next week. Lunch today was the Chocolate Extravaganza. They have lots of chocolate desserts, a chocolate fountain, and other fancy desserts. We read on the deck off and on today. I swear that every time it looked nice out, as soon as I went out to enjoy it, it clouded up and turned cool.  It's supposed to be 38 tonight in New Orleans with a high of 46 or 48 during the day tomorrow, so I'm sure this affected our weather. Jim and I played some dominoes tgis afternoon. Tonight was a free cocktail party for Platinum and Diamond members. There were 48 diamond guests and 305 platinum. We both had a couple of drinks. Mine were called Mocha Chocolate Getaway and boy were they delicious! Jim's were Sex on the Beach and Kiss on the lips.  He also had part of a rum punch bit said it wasn't that good. They had some pulled pork, sushi (which we avoided!), and delicious shrimp hors d'oeuvres. For dinner we had some awesome prime rib, with Baked Alaska for dessert. We enjoyed talking to people from Arkansas and Oklahoma. The staff did a farewell show, marching around carrying the Baked Alaska and singing. We missed the comedy show as dinner didn't finish in time. The cruise has been super smooth until dinnertime tonight.  It's pretty rocky, but still not bad. Just enough so you stagger walking down the hallway. And no, it's not from the drinks! They are expecting to reach the mouth of the Mississippi around 9:30 tonight. I'm hoping we'll be able to tell. I imagine it will be a lot smoother after that. It has cooled off a bit. The temperature around 9 pm is 51 degrees.

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