Two Browns in Europe 2018 travel blog

Ball spotting on the 10th and 11th holes

Checking out volunteers headquarters at The Hills

A bit chilly this morning

Our view up the 11th hole

Michael Campbell, fellow players and spectators

Well, we are parked on the lawn of sister Lynda's rental property in Arrowtown - 2 motorhomes and a caravan, with Carol and David at Lynda's crib up the road. No tenants in the house, so it is great to have the space. Have all had dinner together the last couple of nights - the four sisters, all spouses except Roland (gone to Auckland), and Dianne and Andy.

Lynda is working at the NZ Golf Open at The Hills and Millbrook. They needed more volunteers, so we are now 'spotters' at Millbrook. We go for half a day and stay on one hole, looking for where balls land. Have had to duck a few times! Have all enjoyed it. Get lovely jackets and a cap for our troubles and, because we are working the four days, can have a free round of golf, with a friend, at either course. Well, Millbrook is free for two people; the person you bring to The Hills is $150, but that's a bargain, because it's normally $1,000 each :) Anyone want a game of golf?

Had to be on the course at 7.30am today for first tee-offs. There was a frost - it was freezing for the first hour or two!! However, a beautiful day and there was a balloon flying around early on and hang gliders float around the ranges all day.

Tomorrow and Sunday the field of players is halved and we all go The Hills, so looking forward to seeing that. Am told there are lots of amazing sculptures there. Hope we're not on one of the back holes, though - it is very hilly. Ken fast asleep at present - been a bit tiring for him. But he wouldn't miss it! Tonight we have a volunteers' barbecue at a marquee at The Hills.

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