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The Palace Saloon

Arizona memorabilia on wall on saloon

Real bar doors...

Drove to Chino Valley with Emily and Mike to meet up with one of our friends from UNCW, Jann and her husband David. They took us to Prescott to a cool place called Palace Saloon. Oh my goodness it looked just like a saloon from the old cowboy movies. I looked for Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon to walk through the swinging saloon bar doors..They had a Saddles and guns in a glass cases and there Was a picture of Steve McQueen with guns drawn covering one whole wall. He filmed some old cowboy movie there.

The waitresses had on black lace corsets with pattern hosiery ....This probably is why the Palace Saloon has been open since 1870s. It is the oldest frontier saloon in Arizona. This was a great place to eat also.

David told us a funny story about the Palace, seems the bar caught on fire in 1900. The building Totally burnt to the ground but........the bar was saved ! ......it was carried by the patrons to safety across the street. When the saloon was rebuilt they then moved the ornately carved bar back in......

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