Ginny's Adventures 2019 travel blog

a castle on the Main River

a neighbor

and a palace

the same palace

that's Daniele waiting to let us in

Peg &I ready to enter the garden of the palace

geometry in gardening


have statues under them

side of palace

such perfection

back of palace

walkway on the wall protecting Rothenburg

Hard Rock Cafe!?

bike is functional

bottle tree

more half-timber houses

Are we in Switzerland?

famous Christmas store

guarding the Nutcracker Suite

a plain old church

many towns have drinking fountains in the center

an architectural wonder

Rothenburg from outside the fortress

I walked there after the tour

a popular photo stop

looking up - I was on the far left

a peaceful path below the city

I turned back after this picnic area

a trike!

a quilt store

Schneeballen only made here!

want a ride?

pigeon drinks from a fountain

Can direct the water to your bucket

a late evening lock

opening up for us

and thru it we go

Karaoke night! Carla and I try to sing

morning tour of Wurzburg Residence (a palace of huge porportions) - couldn't take pictures inside. It had a grand staircase with deep but shallow steps so the ladies could climb or descend with big gowns and trains. lots of frescos and paintings and gold-plated decorations. You can see pictures of the grand gardens around the palace.

Optional tour of Rothenburg. 1.5 hours to get there. don't remember how we filled the time!

After the walking tour (I must admit I don't listen much because I can't understand the guides so I wander with my eyes to see other things. So I don't learn much!), I didn't go to the shops like the others - I went down below to the road I saw then walked on a trail and turned around when I saw a picnic area. After getting back behind the town wall, I ran into the Debs who were just finishing off a pastry called Schneeballen (snowball) and told me to try one because they are only made here. I did as I was told and bought a mini one. It tasted like flaky pie crust pieces stuck together with a light glaze. I bought a package of 4 to have for breakfasts. The ones I bought were covered with either cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.

Ones who didn't go on the tour stayed on the boat to the town of Markbreit where we ended our bus ride back - only 45 minutes this time. The timing was perfect!

So tonight's entertainment was karaoke. Since I am in the chorus, the girls hounded me and then told Daniele that I sang so he urged me to pick a song. I saw Roger Miller's "King of the Road" on the list, so I said if he had "Dang Me", I would sing. He didn't have it but convinced me to do what he had. Carla said she would join me in support. We didn't do so well because Carla can't sing and I had to sing without Roger's voice beside me and the notes aren't the notes of the song! Oh well, it was funny and we all had a good time.

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