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Christine keeping warm


Birthday Banner

Gift from crew

Special Chocolates and our flowers

I slept all night apart from a brief period about 1 o'clock, wakening at 7 am and feeling much better. We had a really lazy day as I tried to throw off the cold I had acquired over the weekend.

We had already been to Half Moon Cay on Saturday it was easy to decide to stay on board and rest. Fortunately, Christine was in agreement with that plan. She We had breakfast from the Neptune lounge and then Christine sat on the veranda, than added her hooded jacket, than wrapped a blanket round herself as she felt the cold creeping up. I know everyone reading this will be laughing at us as many of you are shivering in sub zero temperatures and we are freezing at around 17 degrees. After days of high 20s it seems very cold when the breeze hits you.

We read and did puzzles and generally relaxed. We had a snack from the Neptune Lounge at lunchtime and the afternoon passed like the morning. We got ready for another gala night dinner and I enjoyed my meal, unlike last night when I did not feel like eating anything. As we finished dinner, the maitre d' came and wished me "Happy Birthday" and apologized for not providing a cake as they had just been notified of the event. It really did not matter as I probably would not have managed to eat it anyway.

We went from there to listen to the strings for a short while then went to the showroom and found the doors closed, but they soon opened and we got good seats. The dancing is accomplished, but the technical effects are spectacular. We believe this is the type of thing David's friend, Glenn was working on when we met him in Barcelona a few years ago. It is quite amazing how they manage to co-ordinate it all.

We returned to our room to find ... A bottle of wine from the concierges and cabin stewards ... A "Happy Birthday" banner on the curtains and special chocolates.

All together ending the day on a much happier note than last night.

Tomorrow is Grand Turk when we tour in one of the tourist "trains".

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