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We got there and and was quite quiet until the other buses...

Hugo, our driver now has to drive another 2 days up the...

Engineer stopped short leaving us with a long walk back to our...

Dogs, dogs, dogs ,wheres the dog catcher?



This was how much window we ended up with.










We were up at 5 o’clock to catch the bus at 7:30. We had a wonderful sleep in that old hacienda. This morning Ed tried to hang up a towel but the towel ring came off in his hand!

We arrived at the train station at 8 and waited for a half an hour for the train. There were two first class cars. We were assigned to the second but when we got on there were people in our seats so by the time we got seated we ended up with a smaller window. Luck of the draw. The sun was on the right hand side but those seats also had most of the scenery. We went on 32 trestle bridges and through 86 tunnels. No wonder it took them 100 years to finish this railroad! Somehow, Ed lost his reading glasses somewhere on the train – probably leaning over the open area trying to get the perfect picture.

When we arrived in Copper Canyon, we had to walk through a market where hundreds of people were surrounding the food stalls! I was afraid I had lost Ed in the maze but he emerged unscathed.

Our room is beautiful but the scenery surpasses anything we have seen before. But then we are partial to rocks and canyons. The rocky canyon is right off our patio!

We went for an hour’s hike where on the way up we found 3 vendors but on the way back there must have been at least 12 more waiting for us. These vendors did not want American money as they had no way of exchanging it for pesos.

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