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arrived and made our way thru vender afer vender to the hotel


the long walk to an amazing view.

This would turn out to be the nicest room on this trip



at 4pm we followed a guide up to where some of the...

one of the homes they built under the edge of the cliffs.with...


No electricty ,water, or fuel up here.These Indians are living pretty simple...



This was the view we were rewarded with when the guide had...

The trail we took was on the cliff face behind the hotel




Wrapping up today at the bar

walking the glass floor with hospital type shoe coverings


looking down and around from the gondola




Observation building with glass floor

Gondola is far left ,next to it is very fast zip line

There is a drop off right behind this child,have to wonder how...


This almost came home with us until I figured I had no...




This morning, we climbed on a school bus which took us to the eight minute tram ride which was in another part of the canyon. Here the scenery was excellent as well. We could see the homes of some of the local Indian tribe [Tarahumara] on the floor of the canyon. These natives walk and run everywhere. When they are hunting their prey they chase them until the animal is exhausted and then shoot them with a bow and arrow!

In the afternoon, we hopped back on the school bus to another look out point. Here we entered a traditional Indian home built cave-like under an outcropping of rock with a partial roof and walls made of various things like bricks and wood. They had a wood burning stove, small beds and a table. Very sparse. No electricity or running water. They grow their own vegetables and have a few chickens and goats for milk. Because there is nothing else to do, the girls are married by 13 and the boys by 15. Many of the children die by the age of 5 because they do not have the modern medicine to fight off colds and pneumonia. They use their own herbal medicines.

At our hotel, be found an army of ants carrying green leaves bigger than they were along a path. It was a sea of green.

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