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Front Street Buildings-1876 Dodge City

Coronado Cross

Dodge City Airport entrance


Santa Fe Trail

Not the biggest rig in the park

Dodge City feed lots

Wow, lots to see here. Spent time at Boot Hill and the museum,, they also have a whole street of old Dodge City buildings including The Gunsmoke saloon. Went out to old Ft. Dodge, it's now an old soldiers home for Kansas soldiers and families. Really neat how they did that. Drove a few miles past and found the Coronado Cross- a 38' cement cross to mark the area of the first Christian service held west of the Mississippi by Father Juan Padilla , a Franciscan friar traveling with Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in 1540.Out by the airport is a pasture of the famous Longhorn cattle, they are huge and one of them was a part of the reenactment of the Texas to Dodge City cattle Drive who now rests in this pasture. He is the brown & white one. West of town is a protected area of the original Santa Fe Trail. It was really hard to see the wagon tracks but when they built the boardwalk, they used bridges over the track area and if you look long enough you can see and imagine the wagon trains heading west across this prairie. Also had to add a picture of our RV park as we were the first in on Tuesday but weren't the biggest rig in the park for long.

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