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Sunday 21 November 2004...1pm... Antigua, Guatemala

...missed my first earthquake ever! Was eating lunch with Baden in a restuarant. I blame the numerous of trees there, not our hangover...!

Monday 24 January 2005...11am... Jaco, Costa Rica

...both mine and Fiona's first proper earthquake! Nice diversion from working, and good ice-cream conversational topic afterwards!

Wednesday 9 February 2005...9pm... Tarcoles, Costa Rica

...watching a World Cup qualifying football match between Costa Rica and Mexico. Was leaning on wall, when felt the small tremble. My Tica friend Marieth shivered and need a beer to calm down her nerves!

Tuesday 15 February 2005...??pm... Tarcoles, Costa Rica (plus or minus four days)*favourite earthquake!*

...everyone thought was drunk and head swimming round as we passed bottle of whiskey around on the beach! But no, it was an earthquake!!

Sunday 6 March 2005...1:30am... San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua *phantom earthquake!*

...woken up by earthquake at night. No one seems to be aware of this one in Costa Rica. But am sure there was one, even though was feverish the night before!

Monday 13 June 2005...6pm... Arequipa, Peru *best earthquake!*

...was impressed by advanced technology of Peruvian cinema, which provided 50 seconds of shaking chairs to complement action part of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Until realised everyone else was looking around, and the film was stopped... Got refunded for the half watched film!

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