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Playing a game of "Cat and Mouse"...

...Sami as the Mouse, and Yat as the Cat...

...Brandon (aged 10) reckons he's too old to play this game...

...Charon (aged 4) and Angel (aged 5) love it though!

Kids clutching their paper aeroplanes...

...but prefer the photo shoot... Shoot!

Volunteer Taj keeps a safe distance up on the tree

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Super Basura!

...Super Basura introduces himself...

...and that he likes to eat rubbish...

...especially plastic bottles etc. He needs energy to fly to Puntarenas!

Angels blows a bubble...

Charon eating... as usual!

Thanks Ginny for taking some fantastic photos! :D

Theme: Travel

Location: Boy Scout Camp

Number of kids: 16

Planned activities...

"Where do you want to go??"

"Cat and Mouse"

"Aeroplane competition"

"Super Basura"


Much better than the first day - much better controlled

Aeroplane competition never lifted off, but kids had made own planes and decorated them

Kids loved the Super Basura game - great idea Sami!

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