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Michael sporting his macaw t-shirt

Adriana concentrating hard on her drawing

Helen, Kimberlyn and Diana show off their drawings

A quick walk to check up on how things are going

Come on guys, set a good example!

Ginny and kids

Dwason demonstrates his scout's honour...

...Adriana's also a scout in Tarcoles!

Fiona arrives!

...quick identity change..

...into Super Lapa!

Sami assists in Fiona's improvised game...

...blindfolded kids...

Going well guys?

Fiona explains her next game...

...whilst Ginny does some beach cleaning...

...they're having fun, at least!

Fiona has more games up her sleeves...

...jumping sack!

Way to go Adriana and Helen!

Theme: Animals (well, really for Scarlet Macaw)

Location: near football field

Number of kids: ???

Planned activities...

Special surprise - Fiona as "Super Lapa"!

Some macaw games

Some beach cleaning in guise of games...!


Unexpectedly very ill with eye infection (first of many) and had to miss out on day...

Fiona thought I had something prepared, but managed to improvise well - photos look like they had a good time!

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