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Jose and Jason drive the boat

Jose the tour guide, or tourist??

Jason out in the water, waiting patiently...

...here comes the croc...!

...getting closer...!

...almost there...!

...come on up...!

...Tourist snaps away as croc crawls away...

Here comes round two...!

...you know the drill...!

...c'mon then..!

...a little higher...!

...yeah, that's right..!

Good girl!

Jason doing his next trick

No sign of jealousy from Ginny!

Journey back...

...and end of the tour!

Thanks to Ginny's romance with Jason - the original Crocodile Man, we were invited to go on the tour. For free of course! (Normal retail price: US$25) Shamefully, having been in Tarcoles for three months, I still hadn't got round to going on this one of three star attractions of the village (macaws, fish and crocodiles). With the festival only five days away, and still lots of work to do for it, I was quite relucant to go. The others persuaded me, and I gave in.

We were given a lift in Jose's jeep. There were four of us (Ginny, Melissa, Jack and I), so we could have fit quite easily. But Jose's son, and his friend were also there, and plus Jason, there were eight of us. We managed to all squeeze ourselves in Latino style, and set off for the five ten minutes drive to the dock. There we had to wait a little while for Jason to drive the boat across, and I remember examining the nearby vegetations for ideas on how to transform them into something useful for the festival. Yes, obsessive architectural traits still operating!!

The tour itself lasted about two or three hours (ahh, so much time used and no work done!). Though primarily a crocodile tour, we were also handed a nicely laminated card illustrating the different types of birds found along the river. We entertained ourselves by identifying which bird we would be, if we were birds. I was a small one, with little red feet, with a quick determined flight. Don't remember what it's called though!!

When at last we arrived at the part of the river suitable for crocodile dwelling, they stopped the boat. Jason climbed out, armed with a fish, which he slapped into the water. Sure enough, the scaly head of a crocodile appeared out of the water shortly after, and slowly winded its way towards Jason. He continued to lure the croc, and did not flinch at all at the close proximity of the predator. All in a day's work for Jason of course! He teased the croc a little more before giving it its prize of a fresh fresh fish.

Jason had a little rest as the croc, satisified with its meal, crawled away. But the show hadn't finished. Accostumed to the slowness of some tourists' picture taking, he repeated the scene for us, giving us a somewhat different angle. He even wrestled playfully with the croc, and giving it a kiss on the nose before allowing it to depart for the day. He explained that the croc was an eighty year old beauty. We understand your taste Jason! And Ginny, are you really going to kiss him tonight???

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