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Feb 6, 2010 - Bahamas Cruise Vol.II

Day 3—Nassau By 8 AM the ship had docked in Nassau, about 130 miles from Freeport. Compared to Freeport, where the ship had docked in a more isolated area, the dock in Nassau was right next to the town. Nassau is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Its population of about 260,000 is 80% of the entire Bahamian population. Nassau has an attractive harbor, a colorful blend of old world and colonial architecture and a busy port. By eleven o’clock the four of us had boarded a boat that ferried us out to a “semi-sub” near Athol...

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Jan 29, 2010 - Bahamas cruise

This week we went to the east coast of Florida to visit some old friends, Jeff and Ellen, in Ft Lauderdale. Then on Wednesday we boarded the cruise ship Bahamas Celebration for a 2 night cruise, spending Thursday in Nassau. The 600 foot ship, built in the early 80's, was originally built in Germany as a passenger and auto ferry. She was converted to a cruise ship a couple years ago and now does this Bahamas 2 or 3 day trips. While in Nassau we hired a taxi and saw a bit of Nassau and Paradise Island. It has been years since we had been...

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Nov 26, 2009 - Day at Sea - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Thanksgiving Day proved to be the only day on our cruise we had rain. Not a lot, but intermittent showers. There were lots of events planned, as there always are on a cruise. At 11:00 a.m. we attended the "View from the Top". The Captain, Kjell Nordmo, the Hotel Director, Christos Karavos and the Chief Engineer, Pentti J. Tyni, were available for a question and answer session in the Centrum. This was fun and provided lots of laughs. Tackiest question though goes to the gentleman who wanted to know why they hired so...

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Nov 25, 2009 - Nassau, Bahamas

Wednesday morning we docked in Nassau. Joe and I didn't choose this cruise because of the ports of call. Basically it was the price and the fact we had planned on driving south this week anyway and we had the week off. We absolutely LOVE cruising and the ports of call, for this trip, were secondary. We were in Nassau last November and were completely unimpressed. We were glad to be able to give it another try though. We decided to visit Atlantis on Paradise Island as we had never been. We weren't interested in any of the ship's excursions....

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Nov 24, 2009 - Coco Cay, Bahamas

We got up and went to the buffet, for the first time, for breakfast. It was perfectly fine. The usual breakfast items. Eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, yada yada yada. One thing we loved about this buffet was the availability of seating. There were always more than enough tables available. This was a first for us. No fighting and scratching and clawing for a seat. Good job Royal Caribbean! Our first view of Coco Cay from the top deck of the ship was.............disappointing to say the least. It looked so small!!! Our only...

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Jul 24, 2009 - Snorkeling in CocoCay Bahamas

While we were on our Cruise to the Bahamas we took the opportunity to do some snorkeling. We considered doing it while in Nassau but decided to toru the island and do the snorkeling at Cococay. The snorkeling was a little more difficult in the ocean than it is in Three Sisters or the Gulf. We purchased a waterproff camera and these are some of the pictures that developed from the snorkel adventure.

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Jun 15, 2009 - Bahamas 6/15 - 6/17

Monday, June 15 While we were in Las Vegas, we listened to a time share spiel and accepted a free meal and show, and a mini cruise to the Bahamas. Knowing we would be in Fort Lauderdale we thought it would be a good deal and we would make arrangements to go. First of all, we also had told ourselves after the last time we got into a free anything for listening to a pitch of some sort; we swore we would never do it again. When we were in Vegas we had nothing but time and it seemed harmless to see what they had to offer, being up front with...

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May 9, 2009 - Bahamas

Seit Freitag Mittag sind wir nun also auf Paradise Island - Bahamas. Es ist wirklich unglaublich. Das Atlantis-Resort ist riesengross. Es ist ein Hotel, ein Wasserpark, ein Aquarium, ein Casino und ein Shopping-Center. Nächtigen kann man hier in verschiedenen Gebäuden. Vom einfacheren zahlbaren Hotelzimmer (wo wir sind :)) bis zur Bridge-Suite. Die kostet denn auch nur knapp Fr. 30'000.- pro Nacht. Faszinierend sind die verschiedenen Aquarien, bei einem gibts auch einen Unterwasser-Tunnel. Da sind inkl. Manta-Rochen und Haie viele...

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Jan 31, 2009 - In the (Good) Company of Strangers

Current location - the Nassau Harbor Club Marina in Nassau, Bahamas. Current Weather: Up until yesterday we had daytime highs in the 70's and sunny, nights in the low 70s. Very pleasant. But a front came through last evening with winds up to 25 knots and some rain (haven't seen this for ages!) We may be here for several days as is it predicted to pick up even more on Tuesday.... Favorite boat name(s)seen recently - in the marina in Nassau: Nice Butt (because every name he came up with she said "it's nice, but...." and because she said the...

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Dec 22, 2008 - Anchors Away!!

Today's the day!! At 11 a.m. we drove over to the Royal Caribbean area where we unloaded and checked our luggage. After parking the car, we began the boarding process along with many other folks. After getting through the many lines and check in points, we boarded The Monarch of the Sea. Large, luxurious, glamorous, elegant, that's the first impression! After checking out our suite, we explored the ship, finally settling down in the top lounge and ordering margaritas on the rocks. What a beautiful view of the entire ship. The first picture...

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Dec 20, 2008 - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas - A Day at the Beach

We had smooth sailing overnight but Joe was wide awake as soon as they dropped the first anchor in the Bahamas; you just can’t take the sailor out of the boy. We were in no hurry as we had nothing time-sensitive planned for the day. We made our way to the Lido for breakfast. The buffet line was fairly slow because of the enhanced sanitary requirements of the ship to prevent outbreaks of a stomach virus. All food is well protected and there is no self-service to speak of; it’s hands off except for the ship’s staff. Then we decided to go...

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Nov 17, 2008 - Nassau, Bahamas

Joe and I headed to the Cove Cafe for our morning coffee and ended up having coffee here on deck every morning. Cove Cafe was a lovely cafe that served specialty coffees, specialty teas, champagne, wine, martinis (all at an additional fee) and snacks and was in the "adult only" area of the ship. They did serve just regular coffee for free down a bit from Cove Cafe but we decided to splurge on a couple of cappuccino's. They were excellent and worth the extra money (I can't remember how much they were, $2.50? $2.75? Something like that). We...

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