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Feb 12, 2012 - Sunsets and more heat!

Today we woke to the sound of howler monkeys doing there thing again. Then off for breakfast with Erlng. On the way to breakfast the we pass the monkeys in the trees, they are nice to look at and make me laugh. Yesterday we took the city bus over to Carrillo with Erling to catch the sunset off the deck at the Guanamar Hotel. It was great. Warm wind and red sky. Erling was not let down and Rox and him enjoyed fresh home made margs as the sun sunk bellow the sea. When we went to catch the bus back we found out the last bus ran at 6 pm so we...

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Feb 11, 2012 - A Jungle Traveler Has Emerged.

A Jungle Traveler Has Emerged. Yes it is true. I had just taken my cold homemade guacamole out of the fridge put it on the deck with some ice and cold beer for Rox and me. Then over the railing I saw an old familiar face. It was wearing a hat, long pants, shirt, vest and packing a fair sized black bag under his arm. He was being lead by our front desk girl (Verlina) he looked hot dusty and in need of a cold beer and shower. LOL What timing, I was just having one ice beer myself so we welcomed him up let him eat my guacamole and drink a...

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Feb 9, 2012 - Bus & Monkeys

Yesterday we took a public bus over to Carrillo and Estrella two small towns to the South of us. Cost $375 colonies each, 500 colonies is one U.S. dollar. It was 20 min each way but we stopped in Carrillo for a snack and drink. There is a hotel high on the hill with a great view of Carrillo beach call the Gwanamar. We stopped there for a beer and Joanne had a shower by the pool. It was 36 degrees in the shade. She was feeling the heat. I don´t blame here we got off our almost new bus with air cond and it was like stepping into an oven. This...

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Feb 6, 2012 - Walk about with Les & Joanne.

Today was a lazy day just walked around showing our friends some of the rest and streets that they had not seen yet. We did bump into a girl we met before and she is married with a child and gave us here phone number and invited us over for dinner one day! Kook! Did take Les and Joanne to Pabitos , and old cowboy bar. LOL Just for Joanne. LOL Brad

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Feb 4, 2012 - Getting into it!

This morning we woke up to the sound of howler monkeys and birds chirping loudly. Had an omelet for breakfast then down to the internet in 30 plus heat. The girls went shopping and then we all met at a beach rest for a drink. I rented a boogie board and Les and me hit the waves. It was great. We were having so much fun that Rox had to come in as well. The water is about 28 c so its great. Later Rox and I putted around town and then walked a ways up the beach. It started to rain for about 10 min. So we grabbed a drink at another beach...

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Feb 3, 2012 - Checking the town out!

Well all is well in Samara after a slow green season. Some places have closed and new ones have opened. School is out for 2 more weeks and a huge new grocery store has opened. Makes it hard on the small old ones. Venders have been kicked off most of the streets so its hard to buy produce from the small guy. I did find free coco nuts at our hotel. I talked to the owner and she got the yard fellow to put a latter up a tree and cut us down four. Nice! Two for Les and two for us. We put one in the fridge each to drink later when the pipa juice...

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Feb 2, 2012 - Making our nest in Samara.

We are safe and sound in Samara after one small taxi ride to the bus stop. Then two hours on the public bus from Libera to Nicoya. Then one hour from Nicyoa to Samara with a little wait between buses it was three and a half hours travel time. Cost us about six bucks each or we could have got a cab for 120 bucks and did the trip in an hour and a bit. Les and Joanne are with us and seem to be having a blast. We checked in and gave then a tour of the town then we went to a beach bar to watch the sunset with a beer and natchos. Later that...

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Mar 22, 2010 - Another day of doing nothing...........

Brad tried all day go to a surf tournment about 30 min away in the blazing sun, but I put by foot down, not shade and way to hot. Instead sitting around the pool and going for a marg sounded more up my alley......So finally after seeing the hot sweaty heat stroke people returning I think he got over not going.............I was right!!!!!! For once............Then we went for dinner in a real Italian Restorante authentic pizza and the owner had rescued a baby squirral. A real little 30 day old squirral without its fluffiness yet. I thought...

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Mar 20, 2010 - Up & Surfing!

Yes its true. Today I took my first surf lesson at 48 years old. I think I did quite well as I got up the first 4 times in a row. I took the lessons here at the Tico Lodge through the C&C Surf School. The lesson cost 30 bucks U.S. and that includes a one on one with a pro type local surfer and a free T shirt and free board use for one week! My instructor was Shamooreal. I am not sure that is how to spell it that's how it sounds. He was very good and is a kick ass surfer dude. Even has dreadlocks to boot. LOL . Rox took a pile of pics and...

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Mar 19, 2010 - Sun,Beer, More Sun!!

Today we had breakfast at the Sheriff's Rest on the beach just past the police station. Had eggs and tomatoes cost about 2.25 U.S. Rox had her new favorite a pineapple mango smoothie that costs 2 bucks U.S. I bought a Pippa coconut off a street vendor for 1 U.S. dollar , sucked out the juice and scraped out the coconut jelly. MMMM GOOD! Rox says that I am addicted to coconuts. But then again she says I am addicted to everything. I had a surf lesson planned today but it was cancelled as the waves were to big. Instead Rox and me went boogie...

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Mar 16, 2010 - Rox's Night Out!

Yesterday left at 9:30am and did not get home until 5:30pm. Big bike ride. Then Rox was off to her massage and then we went out for dinner with friends. Rode home on the bikes at 11:15pm. In the morning we did a ride to the South end of Samara beach then returned the bikes. Bikes were 10 bucks each per day. Then we did coffee and then me the Internet to get out of the sun.

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Mar 15, 2010 - We Got Wheels.

Today we rented a couple of 1 speed bikes with fat tires to drive down the beach to a small town and beach about 5 kms away called Carrillo. Man, its hot in Samara, but Carrillo. Help. Its hotter. I ended up getting a very low back tire after about 25 min of pedaling. So we got a fellow to call the shop where we rented the bikes on his cell phone. Then (Skynet) the place we rented the bikes sent the tow truck. Yup the bike mechanic comes to change my tire on a scooter with a tool box. LOL. In about 15 min we were on the road again. Very fun...

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