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Apr 9, 2016 - Pachmarhi

Started our trip where some people traveled by road and some by air. Everyone got together at Indore and visited few relatives. Checked in to Hotel Prashant for an early departure to Pachmarhi on the following day. After breakfast and repairing the puncture we started off to pachmarhi.

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Nov 1, 2015 - The Erotic Kama Sutra Temples of Khajuraho

We ended up in Khajuraho as an afterthought. We had a lot of trouble finding an available train from Bandhavgarh NP so I finally figured out a complicated two-day combination involving taxi, bus, two trains, and another taxi to our hotel. Luckily, after we arrived at Bandhavgarh I came up with the brilliant idea to ask whether private transport was available. It was, and cost almost exactly as much as the two train rides. We quickly cancelled the train (getting a full refund) and the private transport was the finest to date. We left at a...

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Oct 23, 2015 - Spotting a tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park

Nick (our overland driver) suggested that if we really wanted to see Bengal tigers, Bandhavgarh National Park was the best place to do so. It’s hard to get to and expensive to stay there (in a small town called Tala), but we were determined to go nonetheless. We took a train from Varanasi to the closest town, Umaria, and then arranged to be picked up. Somehow Somit got confused with which train station we needed to go in Varanasi, so he had the driver bring us to the wrong one. Luckily, the train officials gave us correct information and...

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Jul 26, 2015 - Off road richting Varanasi

Vandaag zaten we om half 7 in de bus om naar Varanisi te rijden. Dat is meer dan 400 km en we zouden daar een uur of 12 over gaan doen. Dat is lang. Even geen tempels, gewoon doorkarren. De reden dat er zoveel tijd was ingeraamd bleek al snel. Er was geen echte weg. Er was wel een soort zandpad met kuilen en plassen die in dit regenseizoen lekker diep waren geworden. Ik dacht een boek te gaan lezen maar we werden op en neer en heen en weer geslingerd. Alsof je een boek probeert te lezen op een rodeostier. Kansloos. Dat werd dus een...

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Jul 25, 2015 - Fietsen en kamasutra

We zijn Nederlanders op vakantie en dan ga je vanzelfsprekend ook fietsen. Ook al vallen de mussen van het dak. Geen enkel ander volk doet dat volgens mij, wat voor weer het ook is. De mensen van de fietsenverhuur zitten dan ook goed in hun Nederlandse fietstermen. “Links rijden!” of “Remmen!”. De baas van de fietsen kwam ons vanmorgen om 8 uur in het hotel al tegemoet met keurig overhemd en dito broek. Ik dacht direct “Die fietst niet met ons mee vandaag”. Daar had hij inderdaad zijn mensen voor. Eentje fietste voor en eentje achter. Er...

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Jul 24, 2015 - Khajuraho

Vanmorgen konden we uitslapen. Een luxe na al dat vroege opstaan. Om 11 uur in de bus moest wel lukken. We gaan weer verder met de reis richting Khajuraho. Tijdens het ontbijt hebben we ons verbaasd over de efficiency, of liever gezegd het gebrek daaraan, van het hotelpersoneel. Het was een economie les in de praktijk, met name de wet van het afnemende grensnut. Als je de factor arbeid op blijft voeren wordt het niet efficiënter en op den duur inefficiënt. Met andere woorden, ze liepen elkaar in de weg. Er waren meer obers dan gasten en dat...

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Jan 29, 2015 - Central India and the Temples of Khajuraho - Angkor Wats rival

A long day awaits us on leaving Agra. Again after leaving our bags out the night before we head out before 7:30 am to the train station. Our train leave shortly after 8 headed to Jhansi and Orchha in Central India. It is only a few minutes late this time. We hop on and the aroma of curry fills my senses, strong enough that I am concerned about the next 2 ½ hour ride. Fortunately it quickly becomes the norm. It is raining slightly and once again there is fog. Gail and I decide to try and cull our pictures and get rid of the fuzzy ones and...

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Nov 24, 2013 - no one rode on the roof

Today was a logistical challenge for our guide Krishan. The bus we have been using the last twelve days went back to Delhi because a special out-of-district tax was charged on a daily basis now that we were in Uttar Pradesh. Our first travel leg today involved taking a train to Jhansi. The original plan was to leave the hotel in tuk tuks and hire a truck for the luggage. That seemed a bit unwieldily, so Krish hired another bus for the ride to the railroad station. As we waited for the train to arrive, we shared the platform with a cow that...

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Oct 28, 2013 - Chanderi to Agra

Another early start today – ready to leave for today’s adventure by 7.00am. The local MP’s landrover and driver have been commandeered for the occasion. We weren’t sure if the excessive horn and VIP siren use was for his benefit or ours! We set off again on predictably bumpy dusty roads, driving through rural countryside and thousand year old villages alongside a lake. Then we set off cross-country out into the ‘wilderness’ (low brush, rocks and small flowers growing here and there, and woods in the distance) to see Neolithic rock...

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Oct 27, 2013 - Orcha to Chanderi

We meet again at Ramrajah for an early breakfast. Our tables are on the edge of the road and we are treated to an endless flow of people coming into the town from the surrounding countryside for the festival at the temple. Many of them are openly staring at us in amazement. The son of the owner talks to a group of ladies and brings them over to say hello and shake hands. We take their photos and show them, and they are delighted. This opens the floodgates and everyone coming past stops to have their photo taken. It is wonderful to have this...

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Oct 27, 2013 - Orchha to Chanderi

Orchha to Chanderi Breakfast at the usual place - our small restaurant next to the castle. It ws very busy in town - we were told that today is a festive day at the temple - auspicious day, held once a month. Lots of people come from out of town for this event. Many of them walked all night and came from 50km away. Many walked by us when we had breakfast outside. It was a wonderful experience seeing so many different people walk by - old and young; women and men; some chanting as they walked. After breakfast we made our way out of town...

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Oct 24, 2013 - Khajuraho

Khajuraho Eke went to a yoga class at 7am this morning on the rooftop at the hotel. Marcia (from Toronto) joined her and our yoga teacher taught us several breathing techniques, easy postures and the benefits of doing yoga every day, It felt good to do some stretches with the bonus of being in the outside air. Breakfast was served in the garden restaurant (every day beautiful, hot weather): yoghourt with honey and bananas, toast with jam or a more elaborate breakfast if you want. Yvonne's fever has gone down we hear. She is still very weak...

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