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Nov 17, 2009 - Douglas, Arizona to San Buenaventura, Chihuahua, Mexico

Well, this morning Janine and I were scheduled to be on a plane heading for Colombia. Instead, Janine is sitting at home while I am about to head into Mexico and on an adventure through to the Copper Canyon. It just does not feel right but as she keeps assuring me, it is what it is. So, onward… Dan, who met us last night in Douglas, had forgotten his Alberta registration which is necessary to prove ownership upon entering Mexico. He had checked the previous day with the Mexican authorities and was told a notarized copy should suffice. He...

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Sep 30, 2009 - Palomas, Mexico

We’ve been busy having fun with only one small (literally) glitch. That small “glitch” is a mouse. Yes, a desert mouse has invaded Clyde as we enjoy our stay in Deming. Yesterday we emptied everything out of Clyde and made a thorough search for this little guy/gal but to no avail. Today we bought enough sticky traps that we will have to make a careful navigation to the restroom should we decide to get up in the middle of the night! Other than that small “glitch”, which we are currently dealing with, we have been having a very enjoyable...

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Mar 19, 2008 - Juarez, Mexico

We were warned by many that traveling into Juarez, Mexico was very dangerous. Drug wars were going on and people were being shot everyday. I had never been to Mexico so I really wanted to cross over. We decided to take the Puddle Jumper Trolley and stay in the tourist area to be safe. We boarded the trolley at 10 am at the Civic Center. The Rio Grande was barely a trickle and it would be no trick to walk across except for the high fences with barbed wire. Downtown Juarez is depressing. Many deteriorated buildings and the signs of poverty...

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Dragon Tales

Feb 20, 2008 - Final Day at the Copper Canyon

On our last day, Edgar was back as our guide. It was his job he said, to take us to Balancing Rock and make evident why it got its name. Beaming, he proudly stated that others would not demonstrate this. Our anticipation heightened as we awaited his youthful agility. With the morning to explore, we would have opportunities to see many amazing views of the canyons on the way to and at Divisidero. Our first stop at the rim was to see an airstrip where light planes landed on a small grassy field just beyond the edge of the canyon. We heard...

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Feb 19, 2008 - Exploring The Copper Canyonsl

After a delicious breakfast of real Spanish omelet, we embarked on our group tour of Creel and treasures unknown. Edgar, our young leader had been replaced for the day with an equally charming guide who was quite knowledgeable about the Tarahumara. According to Victor, the Tarahumara are subsidized by the government - a small price to pay, since they had been forced by the government onto these rather beautiful, but inhospitable lands at an earlier time in history. Sounds almost like American history. Sadly (from our perspective), the...

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Feb 6, 2008 - Copper Canyon Tour - Day 1

Because Bill Trimble, the campground owner, was away on a trip to the state capital yesterday, we were uncertain about our Copper Canyon plans today. But Trini, Bill’s number one assistant and dog sitter, stopped by last night and reassured us that everything would be OK for our trip. Bill showed up at 7:00 this morning and after a couple of phone calls confirmed that we were ready to go. At about 7:40 we said goodbye to Arnie and jumped into Jose’s Taxi for the ten minute drive to the train station. All we knew for sure at this point was...

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Jan 23, 2008 - Juavez, Mexico by Trolley

We made it over to Mexico. The trolley takes you over and drops you off. You walk around,shop and eat and the trolley picks you back up. It is real hard to shop,there is always someone in your face trying to make a sale. It was worse than a car salesman.

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Jan 18, 2008 - The Mountains of Chihuahua

We spent a quiet evening in Presidio, then got up early, got my vehicle registration printed from the DMV, and we were ready to cross the border (again). This time everything was in order, and we bought our shiny tourist sticker for the car. The morning passed uneventfully as we sped across the Chihuahuan desert towards the mountains. By lunchtime, we had begun winding our way into the mountains, and we stopped in the city of Chihuahua for a good ole Mexican hamburguesa. Chihuahua is definitely a cowboy city-- everywhere you looked had...

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Jan 14, 2008 - El Paso

Today we are going to walk into Mexico. The town of Juarez is right across the border, with a population of about 1.8 million! According to Connor they have several Walmarts there, even though we see lots of cars with Mexican plates shopping here. It is a bit tricky trying to find the place; we are all in one truck and try to read the road signs to find the bridge to Mexico. At one point we are at the spot where you have to take your car across, no walking access and we turn around before it is too late. Finally, we find the place and we...

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Jan 4, 2008 - Chihuahua, Chihuahua

A hail of bullets ripped through the 1922 Dodge Brother car and killed Francisco "Pancho" Villa, former Irregular General of the Northern Division and charismatic hero of the Mexican revolution. It is 8.30 am on the 20th of July of 1923 in Hidalgo de Parral, Chihuahua state. Pancho had already semi-retired in 1920 keeping 50 men of his "Dorado" detachment as a personal bodyguard, but sure enough he had made scores of enemies in his years as revolutionary general and no serious effort was ever made to bring his killers to justice, even...

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Mar 17, 2007 - Carlsbad to Big Bend

On the way to Big Bend NP we passed some spectacular countryside and stopped off in a very interesting small town called Marfa. It is the county seat and has an enormous court house built in 1850 which looks a bit like a French chateau.(we wandered in and climbed all the way up to the top of the dome and didn't see a single person) also in the town was a small cafe which had the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. One of the owners is Swiss and her brother has a chocolate factory in Switerland from where they import their chocolate. Some...

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Feb 15, 2007 - Batopilas - a trip back in time - on a very windy road

We woke Thursday morning to frost outside with a temperature of 20 degrees F. The fire in the stove had gone out overnight, but we got it started again and got the room warm enough for a shower before breakfast. Again, the cooks made a fabulous breakfast to send us on our way. The road down to Batopilas was an experience. It winds around and drops down 6000 feet in 140 km. The first 85 km are paved, the last 65 km are gravel, one lane in most places with hairpin turns and drop offs over the side which seem endless. We were in a 10...

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